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General Discussion · What is the Holy Grail worth if found?
msg #75897
6/29/2009 7:42:52 PM

Ask him if he is an original member of the Delta Society? Then can I tell you if he is blowing smoke or not.

msg #75520
6/16/2009 9:41:50 PM

you are early but maybe right.
There are only two outcomes here.
A. Market plunges from here until after 4 July holiday.....then rallies
B.Market rallies from here to after 4 July holiday.....then crashes.

For me.....too early to call....staying on the sidelines for now.

General Discussion · Same As It Ever Was
msg #74581
5/19/2009 9:33:54 PM

no worries....June 7 is end of government intervention....SHORT

General Discussion · does anyone have a filter that works 95% of the time if finding new trades
msg #74260
5/8/2009 9:39:29 PM

sorry to be the party pooper....but they do exist....I have have filters that have ROI's of greater than 133% since the invention of leveraged ETF's

General Discussion · WE ARE CLOSE TO A BEAR
msg #74258
5/8/2009 9:34:41 PM

Agreed....liquidated all 3x Bull Direxion long from March 13 yesterday. day trading 3x bear shares from today...but too early for putting on major 3x Direxion Bear positions....maybe next week....time will tell..........

General Discussion · Survey: Bull or Bear market?
msg #73844
4/24/2009 6:36:03 PM

The next great trade will once again be the ( SKF,QID,SDS,TWM,MZZ) combo....the US financial markets are nothing but a scam....nothing but liars....only a total collapse of the us equity markets will mark the end of this Bear...don't be fooled!

Filter Exchange · KST long ema
msg #73843
4/24/2009 6:28:28 PM

Love your humor....!!!!!
thanks Chet

Filter Exchange · KST long ema
msg #73786
4/22/2009 8:33:09 PM

thanks for your help but that's a serious issue for Fetcher since the kst long ema is by far the most important and that means no backtesting possible.
The cross above 0 is one deadly cross.... recent...RT,MU,S,F,........and I can go on...but I'm letting the cat outa the bag.......

Filter Exchange · KST long ema
msg #73771
4/22/2009 7:56:40 AM

Try it.....results are bogus...KST long ema .... in most cases is not close to crossing 0 line.....glitch???

Filter Exchange · KST long ema
msg #73748
4/21/2009 9:02:57 PM

can't get this filter to work

kst long ema crossed above 0 today

I've tried umpteen variations and still can't get it to work.

just looking for stocks where the kst long ema crossed above 0 today.

thanks in advance

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