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Filter Exchange · Murder Hornets Scan
msg #157633
9/22/2021 10:21:16 PM

Your scans are always good scans and I've always appreciated your help when I run into a roadblock. SF Forums needs to figure out a way to recognize great contributors.

General Discussion · Price percentage above EMA
msg #156769
5/9/2021 8:08:42 PM

Is there a way to add a column that calculates the percentage the price is above a certain EMA?

General Discussion · How to code finding last week's high?
msg #155967
2/26/2021 1:38:18 AM

I'm trying to build a scan based off of the Last Stoachastic technique and I'm running into an issue with the look back period. The system is the K%(39) crosses above 50 and today's close is above the high of last week. I'm having an issue getting SF to understand the last bit about the price being above last week's high. Any help would be appreciated.

/*Last Stochastic scan built by Meatyboy*/
/*Trying to build a Last Stochastic scan*/
market is not OTCBB
Market is not ETF
Average Volume(50) > 1,000,000
Chart-length is 4 month
Fast Stochastics Fast %K(39) crosses above 50

/*Only solution I could come up with for today's price being higher than last week's price but doesn't seem to work*/
Close < high 1 week close

set{var1, CMA(OBV,30)}
OBV is above var1

General Discussion · ThinkScript
msg #155966
2/26/2021 1:26:39 AM

Because there isn't any really special demands with your scan, it's entirely possible to build that in the scanner itself. The only special coding you'd need to add to the scan would be :

declare lower;
plot Raise = close is greater than close from 5 bar ago;

General Discussion · Need help with finding sideways moving stocks
msg #155851
2/18/2021 1:17:41 AM

Hi all, I'm pretty new (as in the last week or so) at this and I'm running into a roadblock. Essentially, what I'm building is a scanner that's looking for unusual volume, that hasn't gapped significantly and the price has been moving sideways. Basically, a breakout filter before the breakout actually occurs. Both 'solutions' I tried are commented out while I bang my head against the keyboard. I toyed with slope of the close but apparently it's smarter than I am and I couldn't make heads or tails of it, hence the commenting off. The other solution I was tinkering in was show stocks where close is less than 5% of last week high. Either I'm screwing up the syntax or I'm doing something wrong because the results aren't displaying stocks that are trending sideways or within the set % of last week's close. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (oh, and if someone could tell me how to make the scan clickable that would be awesome too)

Market is not otcbb
Market is not ETF
Average Volume(50) is > 100,000
Show stocks where volume is more than 10% above Average Volume(50) last 5 days

/*Something to look at maybe not for this scanner but for future scanners*/
/*Show stocks where 3 day slope of the close is near 0*/

/*Still looking for best solution*/
/*show stocks where close is 5% above close 5 days ago*/

close to open gap is between -1 and 1
close greater than open

General Discussion · Missing candlesticks on filter results
msg #155652
2/9/2021 1:30:15 AM

Thanks for the reply. Was starting to wonder if it was just me. I even went so far as to test it on my phone and my tablet with the same results.

General Discussion · Missing candlesticks on filter results
msg #155650
2/8/2021 11:31:10 PM

Is anyone else experiencing missing candles on their filters results? It seems the last 5 or so candles on a random number of charts just aren't there. MA data and volume data and indicator values are still there but the candles themselves are missing. I've cleared my cache, rebooted and tried a different browser and they're all doing the same thing. Wondering if this is a new bug or something on my end or if this is a known issue and I'm just not privy to how to resolve it.

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