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General Discussion · BUY ON RED !!!
msg #49107
1/10/2007 5:55:49 AM

this is the bases for the TD sequential indicator

General Discussion · my holygrail
msg #48672
12/17/2006 7:28:45 AM

well after using this service for 3 months I think I have found my holygrail

I have got over 150% compounding my returns on these stock picks during my 3 months as a member and it only takes me 10 mins per day

forget about trading filter results,lol takes too much time for similar results

anyway.... whats your current trading method?

General Discussion · Eight Rules of Carney
msg #48586
12/13/2006 10:17:54 AM

oh thats really easy to apply, lol

lets get rich day trading!!

General Discussion · Help on Dow membership
msg #47961
11/14/2006 12:04:43 PM

no problem

Filter Exchange · average percent change setting
msg #47960
11/14/2006 11:36:34 AM

Loegree i have been trying to ring you

where have you been?

Filter Exchange · I have the criteria for TD sequential (simple) please can someone make the filter
msg #47945
11/13/2006 10:53:08 AM

its not a every good filter is it

tom demark gives no rational explanation to his ideas, i hvae gone right off him

Filter Exchange · my option system which i have given you before explaining the explsoion point which was yesterday
msg #47804
11/4/2006 5:50:52 PM

i personally wouldn't expect anything less

Filter Exchange · my option system which i have given you before explaining the explsoion point which was yesterday
msg #47803
11/4/2006 5:50:36 PM

well is the worlds self proclaimed best technical analyst

General Discussion · How Long Did It Take Before You Became A Profitable Trader?
msg #47800
11/4/2006 12:31:02 PM

still working on it

msg #47786
11/4/2006 5:22:29 AM

wallstreet your predictions are not holding up so far

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