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Filter Exchange · Open Gap Display
msg #50428
3/5/2007 6:41:30 AM

I think this filter is wrong

check out UVN from friday market close the filter results show 0 for gap 10 and gap 100

but looking at a 5 day chart shows it gapped up on Wednesday and Friday

Filter Exchange · Open Gap Display
msg #50417
3/4/2007 4:47:31 PM

does one of the coulmn shows how often they gap up out of 100

I think AAPL gaps up more regulary than it gaps down

there were a few other stock that gapped up as much as 80% it was from a different filter of yours though

please inform


Filter Exchange · Open Gap Display
msg #50406
3/4/2007 7:35:54 AM

can you explain what the headers mean on the filter results?

Filter Exchange · Big Gappers
msg #50384
3/3/2007 11:04:01 AM

is this the filter you are refering to in my latest thread TRO?

if so how would I use it? buy on MC and sell on MO?

why will this filter lead to a gap up overnight?


Filter Exchange · super top capitulation for buying puts at dead top
msg #50378
3/3/2007 6:37:09 AM

hold for 1 day ok?

Filter Exchange · greatest chance of overnight gap
msg #50377
3/3/2007 6:28:27 AM


I am looking for a filter where I can buy a call option on market close and sell it on market open the next day.

Does anyone have an high prob overnight gapper filter?

Filter Exchange · 94 % winners on nasdaq 100 97% winners sp500
msg #50371
3/2/2007 5:29:10 PM


flakey I like it

Filter Exchange · using stock holy grails rsi(2)-trading market developed best system
msg #50314
2/28/2007 2:44:18 PM

i'll sell your picks for you mate, if your interested that is??

Filter Exchange · Filter that will get $1 price movement per day
msg #50151
2/20/2007 5:31:47 PM


I am looking for a filter that is most likely to get at least $1 positive price movement in 1 day. Which filter here would churn out the highest chance of this happening, regardless of market conditions?

Filter Exchange · rsi(2) by far best indicator-but you need to do something
msg #49929
2/9/2007 12:49:29 PM

so can anyone post a filter based on his deleted posts?

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