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Filter Exchange · I have the criteria for TD sequential (simple) please can someone make the filter
msg #46123
7/31/2006 2:32:29 PM

ok TD sequential is one of the best indicators around

This may become a very profitable filter!!

here is the criteria I want:

13 price bars where each close is less than or equal to the low 2 price bars earlier,

The low of price bar 13 must be less than or equal to the close of price bar 8

please could someone develop the filter for this


max (price between say 5 - 100 and avg vol 300000+

msg #46091
7/27/2006 11:49:57 AM

ok i understand

msg #46087
7/27/2006 10:03:00 AM

whats the point of this filter when stockfetcer posts results that are a day old so the gap has already occured and been filled?

General Discussion · can someone make me a filter for a gravestone doji?
msg #45895
7/15/2006 5:31:44 AM

it is a long bullish cande followed by a doji with only a upside shadow

check out:

can anyone make a filter for this

General Discussion · TD sequential
msg #45033
6/16/2006 4:22:34 PM


read Demarks book on TD sequential

Now I want to know the cheapest way to get the indicator (Not buying a bloomberg terminal)

anyone use it or know a cheap way to get it?

Filter Exchange · revie my first filter (Put option play)
msg #44628
6/5/2006 4:47:16 PM

is the volume decreasing for two days necessary?

Filter Exchange · revie my first filter (Put option play)
msg #44627
6/5/2006 4:46:52 PM

buy PUT options the day after (hence the minimum $40 price for dollar movement)

obviously it looks great today but that is because of huge sell off today

here it is please comment:

MA(30) above 40
and Average Volume(90) above 300000
and Williams %R(14) increasing for the last 2 Days
and Williams %R(14) above -4
and Williams %R(14) reached a new 1 Week High
and Volume decreasing for the last 2 Days

date offset 0

Filter Exchange · What is the screen that as the highest percentage of profitable trades?
msg #44619
6/5/2006 2:24:54 PM

any 80% ers?

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