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Filter Exchange · look at todays scalping of bidu-1000-3000% gains in <3 hours today
msg #86393
1/15/2010 7:29:11 PM

Kevin, very well stated.

General Discussion · A question for M4M
msg #86310
1/14/2010 5:41:42 PM

Yes JP. The ticket seems to be to cheese him off. Then, I guarantee you'll get a response. I have the dubious distinction of being a "pee" brain. LOL!

General Discussion · Monthly Range
msg #85900
1/10/2010 12:30:38 PM

Greetings Watzdorf. I'm pretty sure SF doesn't have the capability for monthly data. We've been asking for this for years. I think weekly is the highest time frame you can go.

Filter Exchange · ,maxreturn your totally clueless-the only maxreturn is your idiot mouth
msg #85878
1/9/2010 3:47:20 PM

MARY...Sticks and stones will break my bones.......LOL!

Filter Exchange · people wanted to know how i sell tops and buy bottoms-with laser accuracy
msg #85829
1/8/2010 7:29:47 PM

Yikes! undecipherable gibberish.

General Discussion · The 80% Club
msg #85579
1/5/2010 5:40:36 PM

Mmmm....wonder why no one has responded yet :)

Filter Exchange · my 1 day amed dec call play
msg #84779
12/21/2009 7:45:19 PM

Mega yawns

Filter Exchange · another breakout filter option play i made on stec
msg #84778
12/21/2009 7:44:16 PM

Mega yawns

Filter Exchange · options strategy
msg #84368
12/13/2009 5:04:42 PM

Any time you sell naked options you expose yourself to unlimited risk with limited upside. All it takes is a surprise volatility event to blow you out of the water. I would highly suggest that if you're going to sell premium look into Iron Condors or Double Calendar spreads which limit the risk.

msg #73155
3/30/2009 8:26:41 PM

Better yet.....

Fetcher[if Indicator is less than x amount for X days then give list]

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