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msg #68166
10/8/2008 8:56:50 AM

Geez jayzz. Read the manual.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #45389
6/30/2006 7:47:23 AM

Win a few, lose a few. Train will come back into the station again.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #57996
12/12/2007 8:19:25 AM

Yesterday I broke one of my rules which was to trail a stop on a profitable option position going into the Fed announcement. I reasoned that even if the Fed were to lower rates .25 point the market had already factored that disappointment in. WRONG! I was up over 90% on an NYX call. I started watching the intraday action after the announcement thinking we'll find support at 90. Then that support broke, then I thought, we gotta find support at 89. Wrong again...when that support broke I exited the call. Still made 40% on the call but kicking myself. I've been trading long enough to know that when the stock/option position you're in has made such a large move over 5-7 day period and an important announcement is pending....EXIT or pull the stops up TIGHT! As Paul Simon croons..."Still crazy after all these years."

General Discussion · #1 Thing Ive Taken Away from my 4 year SF Subscription
msg #50386
3/3/2007 10:44:08 AM

Ok. This begs the question. If this is what you all believe, why subscribe to stockfetcher?

General Discussion · $30,000 a month
msg #70622
1/12/2009 6:55:34 PM

To me the issue seems pretty simple. If TRO offered an unconditional guarantee and Klynn requested it within the stated time frame, he should pony up. If he did not offer a guarantee, need to move on. Buyer beware. Let me first state that I agree with TRO's supporters who correctly state that he has been very generous in providing quality information for those wishing to trade intraday. However, I also think it makes good business sense to simply pony up the $500. If you're going to vendor products it doesn't look good to get into a prolonged pi$$ing match with a customer.

Filter Exchange · ,maxreturn your totally clueless-the only maxreturn is your idiot mouth
msg #85878
1/9/2010 3:47:20 PM

MARY...Sticks and stones will break my bones.......LOL!

Filter Exchange · /* MOMENTUM ZOOM LENS */
msg #40014
1/6/2006 9:26:54 AM

TRO...complements for the excellent work on this. Very useful. Just as important...well annotated and easy to follow. Thanks for the contribution and for that matter all the useful/interesting contributions to this forum.

General Discussion · 10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
msg #68708
10/23/2008 10:17:45 AM

Very nice TRO. I printed out a couple of copies for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

General Discussion · 10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
msg #68811
10/26/2008 7:20:30 PM

Slotmarket, you're absolutely correct. My 401-k money has been out of equity mutual funds since last October. At that time I warned other people in my office to lighten up on their exposure but they ignored my advice. Why did I do this? I could cite any number of technical reasons but the main reason is price had moved up nearly 5 years into a MAJOR resistance area...the 2000 highs. How far did price drop from the Oct 2000 highs...nearly 750 s&p points. Now pull up a quarterly chart. When the low of the Oct/2000 bar was taken out this was a pretty solid signal of a prolonged downtrend. A quarterly high was not taken out DECISIVELY again until the March/2003 high was taken out. Now look at when the Dec/2007 quarterly low was taken out. The S&P is now trading at 876.77 nearly a year later. This is not rocket science folks. Very simple, consult the longer term charts before executing your trade and you'll save yourself a lot of grief and get the kind of clarity that the noise of lower time frame charts cannot provide. Yet I'm amazed at how many times I've illustrated the power of using longer time frame charts in other posts but have gotten very little feedback. Oh well, can't say I didn't warn you.

General Discussion · 10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
msg #68821
10/27/2008 9:41:33 AM

TRO, let me ask you a question. Let's assume for the moment that you are a swing trader focusing on moves of several days - several weeks off the daily charts. Let's say in October, 2007 you got a buy signal which occurred right near the highs established in 2000. Do you think it would have been valuable to know that in fact you were approaching such historical highs? How would you have known that without consulting a longer term chart? Would you have taken that buy signal knowing it would likely fail? Let me ask you another question. Have you actually compared a monthly or quarterly chart to a daily chart from the time frame of 10/07 - 10/08? You tell me which time frame looks more noisy? If you were a swing trader trading off the daily or even weekly charts you would have known to focus primarily on short opportunities due to the price action on the longer time frame charts. I think I understand why you don't see the value of this because of your trading style. But not everyone trades in the time frame or the style that you do.

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