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General Discussion · 1999?
msg #51970
6/5/2007 5:13:00 AM

All the chicken littles have come home to roost. this is why i love the stock market. Unbelievable. It's amazing how a stock can trend up and yet you always have a group of people who will shout and scream it can't go higher, almost willnig it down, instead of going for the ride? I cannot fathom out why this is? Please tell me little chickens. Do you not like making money?

Stocks are trending. There is money to be made going long...but what do some people prefer to do? Complain about how the market MUST correct any day and they are sitting "safe in cash"

It was exactly the same in 1999. Many talked about how the market had to crash and could not possibly go higher...all that year I made massive gains going long. Eventually it did crash...but so what? I had made my money. Dan Zanger made $18 million dolalrs during the late 90's bubble. But I'll bat many sat in cash "waiting" for the correction and then felt so smug and pleased when they "called it correct" I know where I'd rather be.

This IS NOT 1999. Please, we are in a bull market now. That was a bubble. We won't see that kind of market for long while. How you can say this market is like 1999 baffles me....I don't see stocks gaing 30+ points a day or doubling in less than 6 weeks. I mean high priced, high volume stocks not penny stocks. Correct me if i am wrong.

So, you can either go and make some real money or join the "chicken little" group and be smug when the market does finally "roll over"

LOL amazing.

General Discussion · Turtles book
msg #51854
5/28/2007 3:47:17 PM

you'll find almost every method works when there are huge trends to take care of the many losses. In the 1960 -1908 period there were huge trend sin the commosity/futures marekts. Not so much now.

I hear most stopped trading this way or stopped all together. Didn't R.Dennis blow up whilst trading O.P.M. ?

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51419
5/4/2007 5:45:56 AM


What a STUPID reply. You sound absolutely stupid and bitter. Are you?

"Dear Mark; Use TRAPLINE, you sold it for $500.00, it must work, you wouldn't
sell it unless it worked , right? "

For one this is Avery's method
2 it's a day trading method
3: so we aren't allowed to ask if we already have amethod?

The question has NOTHING to do with any method......can you see this or are you simply trying to pick a fight?

You are idiot and on my ignore list. If you have no idea how to answer my question do us all a big favour and say nothing.

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51412
5/3/2007 5:50:51 PM


look at CROX tonight. Up almsot 10 points in A.H trading..but who is trading it?

So, tomorrow how will it open? I am guessing it will gap up on open?

Thee's no way to trade these kind of there? It's all about earnings. (Please,,,don't put me up a S.F scan as there can't be one :-) )

Thank you

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #51396
5/1/2007 8:07:46 PM


Why only $7,500? Seems a low amount? curious as to why this exact number?
I think so too. My best Swing Trading System has an 80% Win rate
and very ofthen I do more then 50% on the trade, though it does not
fire ofthen (once a week).
But I can not put more then 7500$ into the trade, so it can not compound, but
still it makes me 15.000 to 20.000 Bucks a year.

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #51240
4/20/2007 7:05:32 AM


Yeah this is the problem i think with many day trading methods.... If you wan tto think big then i do not think day trading is the way to go.

Just realize Short term that takes advantage of massive imbalances can't compound easily.

General Discussion · who wants to help me write a book-the best ever
msg #51238
4/20/2007 6:57:19 AM

What's the name of your "Hedge Fund " Mary :-)

Filter Exchange · Filter that will get $1 price movement per day
msg #50477
3/8/2007 9:18:51 AM

it's simply not that easy is it?

If you could do this 15 times a month with 1,000 shares you would be making what about $140,000 per annum....(2,000 shares $280,000 p.a and so on )(some losses put in)

But in real simply is not straight forward.

My "guess" and I stand to be corrected is you will not find a method more than 50% correct (applies to about all methods) So do you profits exceed your losses?

General Discussion · turn 1000$ into 1 million in <2years-very easy to do$$$$$
msg #50476
3/8/2007 9:13:03 AM

^^ LOL ^^

I wonder why MARY4MONEY did not snap you up on this great offer? It couldn't be it that the method would not make those returns....could it?

General Discussion · #1 Thing Ive Taken Away from my 4 year SF Subscription
msg #50431
3/5/2007 10:00:59 AM

Ok. This begs the question. If this is what you all believe, why subscribe to stockfetcher?

LOL. Nice one

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