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General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52195
6/13/2007 5:19:06 AM

Hmm..i remember people saying the exact same thing when HANS, TASR hit $100 as well. When NTRI hit $30 people screamed timber for months. TZOO was a train wreck waiting to happen at $50....I could go on and on. :-)

In fact, every big winner needs people like you. Thanks.

I mean why waste your time trying to predict or call a stock because it is going up? You sound mad at it...

Oh well, each to his own.

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52151
6/11/2007 1:47:26 PM

Oh so what happened to day trading? :-)

Now, you are a swing trader?

You are embaressing your-self here.

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52147
6/11/2007 12:42:23 PM

Blimey.. i was kidding. I seriously hope this is not your method.

You are shorting a stock like CROX because "it has gone parabolic" and can't go higher....."

As a matter of fact, yes, and I went short at the open.

Many said exactly the same about TAST, TZOO, HANS as they doubled then tripled and more.... You might even get lucky and scrape a few points here and there. But the big money is in the big moves. Think about it.

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52146
6/11/2007 12:39:21 PM

Nice call Niko.....:-)

Anymore day trades for us to follow? :-(

Filter Exchange · Who really want to find the next NTRI - 2007
msg #52134
6/11/2007 3:41:14 AM

Well since NTRI we had HANS and now CROX.

You have to look beoyond the computer a little bit as well. :-)

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52133
6/11/2007 3:34:27 AM

Now, let's crunch some numbers. If the daytrader can consistently be able to replicate the success of grinding out 1% profit day in and day out, it would take only 100 days to make a 100% profit. Considering that there are roughly 22 days in a month, he or she can accomplish the same result that took 9 months for the investor to achieve in less than 5 months. That's nearly a half! I wonder who's making the bigger money, after all?
Why do you think Warren Buffet invests long term?

Why do you think Soros doesn't day trade?

I never read about ONE Market Wizard day trading the market..did you? No there is not one in three books.

Maybe because day trading is such a small scale method of trading. Think BIG.

I do not know of any day traders trading over $1Million. In fact every day trader i know trades with quite small sums. You simply cannot compund day trading profits into huge dollar amounts. Stop thinking so small solo one man trader and try to think bigger. Talk about "spinning your wheels."

What would you rahrer do?

Make 200% per annum on a $100,000 account or make 40% on a $2 + million account?

hmmmmmmmm..I wonder why all the big players swing trade or invest in the market? Can you figure it out Nic......?

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52132
6/11/2007 3:27:07 AM

So Nico.......:

You are shorting a stock like CROX because "it has gone parabolic" and can't go higher.....That's a fantastic method. It was exactly the same with you guys in all my biggest winnig stocks like HANS, TIE, TZOO, TASR, NTRI, ICE..... you always get the crowd who just have to bet against them. I suppose it fuels my profits.

But you know what is going to be real funny? Say CROX gets to $95, even $100 then makes a 10-15% "correction" all the shorts (like Nico....) will then scream to the world how correct they were.......Despite the fact they have been shortign since $70+. It's unbelievable.

And you talk about the dat trader making just 1% per day....what about the losing days? What about the flat days? Oh...i suppsoe you do not get these.

Oh well I have my method and it's done excpetionally well for me. I don't have to spend any time during the day watching quotes or having a J.O.B. in the market basically making a few point here and there. I do other things and let my money do the work for me. Or should I say CROX ? Just bought a pair as well , fantastic shoes to wear. Look a bit odd.


General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52071
6/8/2007 5:30:27 AM

it's so funny. I am up about 70% in Crox....and even when it you still think i might have a nice profit? and i "think" CROX ha sthe potnetial to recover form a correction for at least another big run. Reminds me of HANS.

I am not in this game for a few points her and there. I traded (and have it on record) NTRI, TAZOO, HANs, TIE for 50+ point moves. happy if you make a few points shorting here and there. But who's making the big money?

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52004
6/6/2007 7:27:56 AM

Hey Mark,

Im sure we all appreciate the lecture. It is extremely common and frustrating to miss moves in individual stocks and markets. Never happens to you I suppose. Nice to see you are above it all !
why be so negative? I pointed out I am making tons of cash in CROX, going with the tedn instead of moaning about the market being overvalued.....

Talk about never being happy. If the market is going up it "has to crash" And when it goes down you can't make money because stocks are falling. So I guess many on here don't make a dime for fear.

And again.... this is NO 1999 bubble.

General Discussion · what stock do you think this is?
msg #51987
6/5/2007 3:51:53 PM

MF email:

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