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General Discussion · Just a Heads Up II
msg #33860
11/10/2004 3:44:09 AM

Opinion....Eveyone's got one. I wonder how mant thought TZOO was a clear short at $50, $60,$70 and now at $100. wheras I simply go with the flow I am amazed at how many people like to "guess" what "might" happen next...

Filter Exchange · Can you scan for monthly data?
msg #32854
8/16/2004 6:13:08 AM


Can you scan for montlhy price an dvolume data using Stockfetcher?


General Discussion · the worlds best intraday setup is
msg #32843
8/13/2004 3:49:13 PM

Am I missing something?

Scanning a few charts if you simply buy "oversold" stocks and sell "overbought" stocks as indiacted by RSI(2) you lose far more than you win.... Did I miss something?

Filter Exchange · filter for shorting stocks with options?
msg #32842
8/13/2004 3:29:35 PM


I see there are many great filters here but which one would you recommend for buying put options on stocks?

I basically need to look for potential big (13%+) moves in 10-20 days time frames.

Piercing of upper Bollinger band? I don't like trying to catch trend reversals. I prefer stocks that have some momentum behind them and to catch part of the move. Better than my opinion.

Any ideas?


Filter Exchange · looking for 10-20 day trades
msg #32829
8/12/2004 9:47:14 AM

OK so what short systems are worth trading for a quick 10 -20 day move?

I am familiar with options, futures,currencies, spreads,etc.... I've been around a bit.

Filter Exchange · looking for 10-20 day trades
msg #32824
8/12/2004 5:16:43 AM

Hi rob,

Yes I am a very experienced trade in higher priced momentum stocks... but as I see the market now into the 15 year cy.clical bear amrekt I need to start looking for alternate ways to make $$$'s

Try a filter(s) with the "Muddy Method".

Where is this method/ filter?

Thank you

Filter Exchange · looking for 10-20 day trades
msg #32817
8/11/2004 1:26:58 PM


I am looking for a short term trading method. 10 - 15 days+ (not day trading or less than 5 days). Low priced stocks $1 to $5 range.Long only. I am willing to take 50% swings in equity in order to make 20%+ per month. i.e I can easily afford to lose this money

I've read soooo many posts (great info.) but which filter woulf fit this method?

I need a proven method..not theory. Can you help?

Thank you

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