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Stock Picks and Trading · TSRO
msg #144941
10/12/2018 4:06:59 PM

I was tempted to sell the 35 November put yesterday but the insane premium scared me. I suspect FDA news or similar stuff in the near future?

General Discussion · MA's pinching filter help?
msg #144792
9/28/2018 4:51:19 PM

set{x1,ma(16) / ma(21)}
set{x2,ma(21) / ma(41)}
count(x1 above 1,10) above 9
count(x2 above 1,10) above 9

x2 reached a new 20 day low
draw ma(16) draw ma(21) draw ma(41)
add column x2
sort column 5

General Discussion · Guppy Investigations
msg #144791
9/28/2018 4:33:36 PM

Ed, my 2 cents:

Assuming you are looking to enter long positions:
You want the short ema's above the long ema's, that rules out DHXM, NLNK, VBIV, DCIX,CRIS,AVXL for now although AVXL is shaping up.
Furthermore the longterm ema's should be sloping up and widening and ideally have price pull back into them.

Stocks I'm eyeing:
draw ema(3) draw ema(5) draw ema(8) draw ema(10) draw ema(12) draw ema(15)
draw ema(30) draw ema(35) draw ema(40) draw ema(45) draw ema(50) draw ema(60)

General Discussion · Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...
msg #144723
9/21/2018 4:28:32 PM

Stock Picks and Trading · AVP
msg #144702
9/18/2018 3:39:05 PM

Stock Picks and Trading · AVP
msg #144699
9/18/2018 2:31:15 PM

Mac, I hope you're not suggesting these buyout rumors are a result of keltner-bollinger contraction?

Filter Exchange · HELP ON FORUMULA
msg #144640
9/12/2018 1:50:43 PM

and crsi(OBV(20),20) is below 70
and CRSI(OBV(20),20) is above 30
and price is above 30
and volume is above 200000
and volume increasing past 1 days
add column crsi(obv(20),20)
set{x1,crsi(obv(20),20) 1 day ago + 2.1}
set{x2,crsi(obv(20),20) 1 day ago + 2.5}
and CRSI(OBV(20),20) above x1
and CRSI(OBV(20),20) below x2

General Discussion · RSI(4) and EMA(8)
msg #144633
9/11/2018 1:14:03 PM

That wouldn't be too hard to code in Stratasearch?

General Discussion · Confluence filter
msg #144458
8/21/2018 2:39:41 PM

Hi Pham,

As the Chameleon site you pointed me towards is still of great value to me I was interested to check However I have problems reaching the site?

Shared Symbol Lists · Shared List:
msg #144116
7/16/2018 3:07:35 PM

Usage apply to sharedlist()

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