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msg #145930
1/8/2019 5:56:39 PM

You can use "draw ema (10)"

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msg #145877
1/5/2019 1:01:07 PM

KSK8, I wouldn't worry too much about increasing percent profitable. In the last year 19 times a stock gained more than 100 % from open to close. Glancing through the list only GBR looks like it could have qualified the day before as a candidate. I just wouldn't bet the farm on every trade.

set{x,count(close 100% above open,200)}
close above 0.1
close below 10
volume above 100000
x above 0
add column x
chartlength 200 days
volume 200 days ago above 0

Edit: GBR did not qualify, probably because rsi(2) was too low as it closed way below the open.

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msg #145870
1/5/2019 8:42:23 AM

What do you exactly mean with "premarket fails to hold the morning spike?

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msg #145856
1/4/2019 8:39:45 AM


I think you may learn to appreciate Stratasearch as a very powerful piece of software, but it all comes down to reliable data.

market is not OTCBB
market is not ETF
close > 0.1
close < 10

returns about 2000 stocks, but for proper backtesting you also need data for stocks that were below 10 in the past. Stratasearch has an option to download historical data in csv format, obtaining data may cost something but could be worth it.

But all in all, I think your system has merit. You may have to stomach a few 50+% drawdowns every once in a while, but it only took 3 years to become a millionaire with a starting capital of 50000.

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msg #145855
1/4/2019 8:13:38 AM

The signal date is the date SS labels as the date when the trade is opened. ref(open,1) in the order type means the trade is executed at the next open.

CNET turns out to be a data error. As you can see in the linked file it misses data from 1/4/18 to 1/9/18. Without these days the 1/11/18 spike probably led to a rsi(2) value of 99 thus triggering the trade.
Stratasearch has settings on when to exclude a stock due to missing days, the default is 10.

Stratasearch uses yahoo eod data as a source but changed things to their website which prevents a smooth download. I have another instance with a 2500 stock database that is running fine, but 6000+ with a lot of obscure companies that may not even be listed anymore is a problem. Usually my download crashes at the letter "M" due to excessive connection failures, so there will be few trades for tickers beyond that. Here is a list for the trades going back to February 2018. Remember that only one stock is selected alphabetically and I use rsi(2) above 99. And I accidentally coded volume > 1mln instead of price*volume>1mln

General Discussion · BEHOLD THE HOLY GRAIL
msg #145850
1/3/2019 5:57:41 AM

OK, results.
A few things to consider: Out of the 6000+ securities I only have reliable data for some 3500 symbols. Getting data for all is a hassle which I do not intend to go through as I don't trade stock below $10.
I cannot filter out OTC/BB and biotech.
Most pricedata goes back to 2013 -2014, but the further back I go less stocks are covered. That is probably why the position count graph looks more crowded towards the present. I would suggest using a portfolio size of 2, thus risking half your capital on a trade, but for fun we'll just evaluate going all-in on every trade. If there were 2 candidates Stratasearch would pick the ticker which came first alphabetically but that can be optimized.
I have used a variable for rsi number, it turns out rsi(2) above 99 without having to cross above gives best results.

Position count:

Equity curve:


Worst results:

Regarding the worst results, I don't think a trade like HTBX on 5/1/2018 would have materialized trying to short 1.7 million shares at the open. Take the equity curve with a grain of salt..

I found a way to eliminate biotech by feeding the results into Stockfetcher. Out of 198 results 91 were labelled Industry: Medical. Average win for those was 4.59% per trade accumulating to 418 % over the test period.
Non medical: 107 trades, average 5.40% totaling 577%

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msg #145844
1/2/2019 9:39:01 PM

Stratasearch code:

Entry string:

Exit string:

Order types: Entry: ref(open, 1), Exit: close

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msg #145577
12/14/2018 4:18:41 PM

Stock Picks and Trading · UGP
msg #145556
12/12/2018 2:47:49 PM

Sold 12.98

Stock Picks and Trading · PPC
msg #145439
12/3/2018 3:16:35 PM

Showing signs of life after trending down for a year

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