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General Discussion · Don't Forget - FACBEOOK IPO on Friday
msg #106267
5/17/2012 4:52:13 PM

Facebook Inc priced its initial public offering at $38 a share.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #106147
5/8/2012 11:22:55 AM

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msg #106131
- Ignore TheRumpledOne 5/7/2012 4:30:39 PM

WE THE PEOPLE need to vote Obama out of office.

Failure to do so will be the end of AMERICA as we know it.

If Obama gets reelected, he will grant amnesty via executive order to the MILLIONS of illegals in this country. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a 59% chance America will end as YOU know it.

Just out of curiosity how many years or days will it take for America to end, if he does win.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #105973
4/21/2012 2:06:58 PM

I think tuesday is APPL earnings..trend should set after it

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #105883
4/10/2012 3:11:07 PM

karennma: ok so you are combining two different things. Majority of population being more ethnic, i.e states like Texas, California, and so on. But that is no exactly same thing as being over taken by illegals. Official illegal population is about 20 million, and say you double that to 40 million just for the sake of being wrong on the illegal counting number, that is still not anywhere close to 300 plus legal American citizens(including ethnic).
Yes ethnic population, mainly Hispanic population is driving the minority growth through procreation mainly and by legal citizens but how do you suppose you stop that ? or more importantly why, or what gives you the right to do that ? if that is what you are implying.

But most of all internet or even tv, radio debates are a mutual admiration societies. Change in real life in inevitable and unstoppable, all that matters is are you with the change or are you left behind.

Also with all the freedom erosion rants, maybe I am just unaware but what freedom is exactly been taken away in Obama years, or for that matter in Bush years, through legislation, some actual Federal law that prohibits something that was allowed but is not anymore.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #105867
4/10/2012 1:07:36 AM

"It started out as a rant about "illegals" ... who within 5 years will OUTNUMBER US citizens. "

@karennma is that a typo or are you saying the illegals will outnumber the 300 plus million Americans ?

Also the Obama statement from 2001 fact checked:,2008-10-27

General Discussion · AAPL Consensus
msg #105699
3/27/2012 1:17:59 PM

you can try hackintosh if your pc supports it. not all hardware is supported, and apple frowns on it. but if you just dont like windows, this is an alternative route.

General Discussion · Look @ AAPL
msg #105431
3/13/2012 11:40:28 PM

"A majority, or 64%, of Americans don't have enough cash on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency expense, according to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling."

And yet the Ipad 3 is already sold out, along with millions of other devices APPL manages to sell every quarter again and again.

General Discussion · Look @ AAPL
msg #105403
3/13/2012 10:36:10 AM

RIMM is the new PALM, eventually someone will overpay and buy it out, and then regret buying it, like HPQ did.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #105307
3/8/2012 1:31:54 PM

Another urban legend

Filter Exchange · MVIS THLD filter help
msg #105107
2/22/2012 12:51:34 PM

sorry just found about "corr"

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