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Filter Exchange · DMA(28,-14) Uncovered
msg #39995
1/5/2006 8:17:43 PM

Anyone with his cadet's license in technical analysis knows this already. Yes I said it on the original message.

And yes DMA's can be used for confirming larger trends. Hooks are interesting too, but they are dangerous to use a sole indicator, in fact it should be one of the last things to look at. I might be wrong because I didn't make 4900 yesterday with it.

General Discussion · At Last! A System Which REALLY Works...
msg #39892
1/3/2006 9:38:31 AM

I look for 10-40% profit of trade instead. Whatever works.

Would you pay $2497 for a system that made you $50k per year? How about $10k per year? How about $6k per year(Thats more than 100% per year)?

Both numbers are far less than 100,000 dollars and both year end profit numbers make more than obvious sense from a value perspective.

If you take 1-2% per trade you have to be trading alot of money to begin with to cover yourself from overtrading and to see significant profits at year end. Its safe to assume you don't/won't have a 100% winning record.

General Discussion · At Last! A System Which REALLY Works...
msg #39879
1/2/2006 9:06:13 PM

You might not know anyone, but there are PLENTY of people who do pay for one (much more than that). In fact people pay people that much $ easily to write code for them. Whats the code for? To translate their money making system into an auto trading TS strategy.

Believe me 2497 is chump change for something legit, I bet the first post is completely unlegit.

General Discussion · Pattern Day Trader
msg #39679
12/20/2005 12:38:25 AM

Too be labeled a "pattern day trader" by your broker is not the same as filing on your tax return with "Trader Status."

Pattern day trader is a no big deal rule your broker will apply to you if make a number of trades.

Trader Status is a whole nother ball of wax. There are tax advantages to filing for trader status, but you could also trade under a corporate umbrella which is again, a whole nother ball of wax, but can be combined with filing for trader status---confused yet?

General Discussion · Pattern Day Trader
msg #39495
12/13/2005 10:23:41 PM

My accountant has advised me not to "Deal" with trader status. The savings won't be worth the headache when you get audited.

I hate dealing with taxes and an audit would just be an absolute hassle. I guess it depends on the person. If you don't mind potentially being audited, then go for it.

Filter Exchange · THE PERFECT FILTER!
msg #39292
12/3/2005 10:39:34 AM

You cant trade this on a 1 day basis unless you buy at next days open and then the results might not be the same. 1 day systems I've always found to be insane to emulate.

3 days hold is usually a safe spot to get on board.

General Discussion · CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX
msg #38961
11/18/2005 2:05:23 AM

uh vxo....

Filter Exchange · HEY YOU PENNY STOCK LOVERS.........
msg #38717
11/6/2005 12:38:18 AM

I'm with alf...these stocks are all far too gone to make money on. You better have the general market timed right or you could lose big $ buying these long.

Backtesting Support · Exits
msg #38716
11/6/2005 12:16:56 AM

I've already suggested adding exit on specified date option to utilize backtesting strategies based on timing methods outside of stockfetcher.

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