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General Discussion · Growth or Value what's better? The answer both!
msg #49725
1/30/2007 11:18:21 PM

I'm up 6% so far. VV says its undervalued in a sector that hasn't gotten hot yet, but is obviously just turning the corner.

SSL digested 2005-2006 run up, by consolidating all year 2006-2007. This year it can run again.

General Discussion · LNUX ...nice trade setup for 1/30/07n
msg #49662
1/28/2007 11:25:51 PM

I liked it on the 25th because of an RSI(5) scan.

I'm with you on this one.

General Discussion · Growth or Value what's better? The answer both!
msg #49660
1/28/2007 10:35:16 PM

I'm actually using one of the methods you posted awhile ago using VV and weakest sector to get into SSL. I actually skipped over FDG and USEG and went with SSL because of auxillary research in conjunction with the method you posted.

Currently its up about 5% from my buy point. Mining stocks are also poised to move it seems.

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Beta Feature Requests
msg #49659
1/28/2007 10:31:09 PM

Ability to switch chart to a weekly or monthly would be great.

General Discussion · Love 2.0
msg #49550
1/25/2007 10:03:47 AM

I love it!

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #49371
1/18/2007 10:22:56 PM

Hey if you got 1 million dollars all you need is 3% PER MONTH to make 30k. From this thread that can be made easily in 1 hour with the right trade. With that capital you only need to snipe 1x per month.
360,000 for the year off of 3% per month.

The hard part for most people is getting to that million.

General Discussion · Watchlist of HYPE stocks.
msg #48977
1/5/2007 9:50:33 PM

This part isn't true:
$4 online video stock...the only publicly traded online video stock available to investors.

Filter Exchange · /* Dynamic Support/Resistance Hi/Low with AATP*/
msg #48625
12/14/2006 10:13:02 PM

I like this one TRO. Instead of waiting for green intraday, you can wait for a green close and swing these for a few days.

msg #48384
12/4/2006 11:57:07 AM

I've traded cas from under 10 to about 18, its a great value play and still is cheap. Timing wise, ZEUS looks better. Value wise, CAS is a little better.

General Discussion · No Santa Claus this year
msg #47899
11/10/2006 5:05:04 AM

I agree, but jan - april will be huge up.

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