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General Discussion · Amusing Tickers
msg #150404
1/18/2020 6:06:39 PM


General Discussion · Let's see all the hands of those making money
msg #146943
3/16/2019 8:27:56 AM

Not setting the world on fire but my accounts are growing!
Your Personalized Rate of Return is 28.35%.
Your Personalized Rate of Return is 6.28%.

General Discussion · Does anyone use or heard of Robinhood?
msg #135391
4/12/2017 11:00:09 AM

I use Scottrade since early 90's but as I'm getting older I watch every penny, I've been talking to Tradestation, I could save myshelve 39% on commissions, Scottrade 13.95 in/out: Tradestation 10 in/out., Shop around

General Discussion · What I've Learned While Trading
msg #134945
3/15/2017 8:56:18 PM

I was taught to live on 90% of what I made and invest the other 10% in dividend blue chip stocks reinvest dividends. I had dividends cut (BAC,F), some companies go out of business (GM, WM..) but I keep on investing, I'm into fixed income, higher yields, and swing trade when I can, I buy in volume and look for 2-3% and out, some times all I need is a few cents, every trade I make I look for $100.00/net profit. I have learned that when the FED speaks be in gold, Like today 14 Feb, JNUG paid for my family vacation today and our cruise in Sept.

General Discussion · Money Flow Jump
msg #96794
10/7/2010 12:58:02 PM

Ask the instructor where he finds these money flow jumps?

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