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Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156639
4/16/2021 7:11:09 PM

Checked it out on C2... really impressive!

So how does subscribing with you on C2 work? Will we get automated alerts for your trades, or is there a way to automate the actual trading so that it mirrors what you've done?

General Discussion · Noob to SF and 1st time poster looking for an "analyst scraper"
msg #156587
4/13/2021 8:07:24 PM

Hey all! Psyched to be on SF and following in the footsteps of many serial poster's that I admire like TRO, miketranz, snappyfrog, etc.

I was just reading a media report on SBSW having crossed above the average analyst 12-month target price. Do an interlink search on "SBSW Crosses Above Average Analyst Target". Although no holy grail, the article brought up a good point and my idea for a filter...

If it hasn't already been done here at SF would it be possible to design a filter that looks for tickers that have multiple analysts (hopefully a variable that can be changed) with their respective target prices for the ticker. It would create a list of ticker's where a ticker's current price is above the top line average of all price targets.

Marketbeat has part of this equation which can be seen when you click on the "Analyst's Opinion's" link under a ticker's research page... They must be getting their Consensus Rating, Price Target Upside/Downside, and Price Target Upside/Downside from somewhere, right?!?

My idea is to use the filter to see what ticker's may have crossed above top line price targets to see if they have legs that would warrant further research.

Thanks in advance for tolerating this verbose explanation. Think it's a silly idea? I always welcome new points of view.

Filter Exchange · A Better Exit Strategy Is Needed For Swing Systems
msg #156558
4/11/2021 4:12:53 PM

Hey shillllihs! Brand new to SF and was reading a bunch of forum threads and your name kept popping up. Where can I get info on the system that you sell?

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