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Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152171
5/12/2020 4:13:50 PM

Mansor you still holding TORC?
Good job if you still own it.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152170
5/12/2020 3:37:29 PM

Picking up 1000 shares of UAVS at close.
As always gonna accumulate over the next few weeks.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152169
5/12/2020 1:29:05 PM

The filter produces 3-5 stocks a week.
From there I research their product, and chance of success.
Strictly from a chart perspective , I like to see a long consolidation period
Xalors filter keenly does that.
My modifications are based on volume changes.
That's why I am trying to incorporate Snapoyfrogs excellent filter.
Still working on that.
My modifications alone are producing relatively goid targets.
But, if I can improve it I will.
As always I will share this filter in it's entirety.
I am trying to contain myself, and not believe I've found a golden egg.
Let's let it play out.
In the mean time I'll keep posting the selections.
Those who are interested can follow along.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152161
5/11/2020 7:58:04 PM

Lets not get ahead of ourselves.
We need to see how they play out.
I'm still holding everything and adding until I reach 10k shares.
2-3 month holdings, except for GNPX that will be my retirement trade.
I will release the filter after 2-3 months.
I want to see how profitable the filter is, as is.
We need to thank Xalor, for he is the originator of this filter.
All I did was figure a way to get in ahead of the suspected rise.
Don't be disappointed if the stocks don't ascend right away.
Typically I'm in ahead of the rise by 1-2 weeks.
That's when I am accumulating my position.
Hope this helps

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152156
5/11/2020 3:50:49 PM

Hi gang.
Got a new one CLSK.
Gonna buy a thousand at the end of the day.

Filter Exchange · Price Coming Off of a PVI Low
msg #152139
5/10/2020 10:40:52 AM

Snappyfrog here is the original Xalor filter.
average volume(5) > 100000

set{diff1,ma(5) - ma(10)}
set{diff2,ma(10) - ma(20)}

set{vol2,average volume(5) 5 days ago * 2}

set{var1,count(volume > vol2,1)}
set{var2,count(ma(5) increasing for last 3 days,1)}
set{var3,count(ma(10) increasing for last 3 days,1)}
set{var4,count(ma(20) increasing for last 3 days,1)}

set{var5,count(diff1 increasing for the last 2 days,1)}
set{var6,count(diff2 increasing for the last 2 days,1)}

set{var7,count(atr(30) 3 days ago < .2,1)}
set{var8,count(reached a new high 3-month high,1)}

set{buy1,var1 * var2}
set{buy2, buy1 * var3}
set{buy3, buy2 * var4}
set{buy4, buy3 * var5}
set{buy5, buy4 * var6}
set{buy6, buy5 * var7}
set{buy, buy6 * var8}
buy > 0
buy 1 day ago equals 0

/* Comment out the 2 lines above and uncomment the 2 lines below to see all hits within the last year */
/* chart-time is 14 months */
/* count(buy > 0,251) > 0 */

draw ma(5)
draw ma(10)
draw ma(20)

I have not included my modified Xalor filter yet.
I will be posting it when I feel comfortable with it's profitability.
I don't want to lead anyone astray.
I have been trying to include your filter with mine.
Still working on it,

Filter Exchange · Price Coming Off of a PVI Low
msg #152133
5/9/2020 8:54:34 PM

Thanks for the call out Cheese.
Snappyfrogs filter definitely should be incorporated in Xarlors filter which I have modified.
I did my DD with GNPX, TRIL.
TORC is a quick trade, take your profit when the run-up starts to wane.
I see GNPX being bought out. It's easy for me to hold a decent position when you have faith in the technology.
I bought another 1000 shares bringing my total to 11K
I also have 5k shares of Sava that I bought at $1.88
Again, their technology is cutting edge, and potentially life changing.
Day trading for me is very difficult. Win some Lose some.
I would rather research the stocks that Xarlors filter highlights.
Then research them thoroughly.
Then hold for a fair amount of time.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152112
5/8/2020 3:45:09 PM

Shorting is ok, as long as shorting takes place in fake companies.
Their are many of them, especially in the medical field.
Stocks which have risen on fake or misleading news(corona virus cure) should be shorted.
When you have a company that is trying to really bring hope to millions of people why crucify their stock indiscriminately.
Sava is another company worthy of a long term hold.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152106
5/8/2020 3:29:59 PM

GNPX is on the cutting edge of Gene therapy.
They have many products in the pipe line.
1. Oncoprex has shown greater than 90% efficacy when used in combo with Astra Zeneca Tagrisso.
2. Oncoprex is used as a cure for Lung cancer Stage 4.
3. As the trial phases continue, they are finding very encouraging results for other cancers as well.
4. Throat, Thyroid, Breast. etc.
Gnpx also has a new gene therapy product to treat Diabetes stage 1+2.
preliminary results have shown, complete remission of Diabetes both 1-2.
This company is doing Gods work.
I invested because I truly believe in their endeavour.
I'm willing to hold out for 2-3 years because I would love to see their gene therapy products bring new life to millions of suffering individuals.
I truly believe we are looking at the next AXSM.
I bought AXSM at 18 last year, and rode it all the way to 95.
Don't let the short attacks force your hand into selling.
Many times during AXSM ascent, I was tempted to take my profit, because Shorts were creating fear in my belief in holding.
That is why I said in a previous post, this is not for the faint of heart.
I definitely believe in GNPX.
Their oncoprex has been fast tracked because of it's efficacy.
The Diabetes therapy is just getting started in trial.
Profit favors the long term holder.
Hope this helps

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152104
5/8/2020 2:28:18 PM

I might add.
GNPX is a keeper.
This stock could be a retirement maker, if you hold long term. (2-3) years.
That is what I intend to do with it.

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