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Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152474
6/4/2020 6:16:07 PM

God Bless you Nibor.
You are so dedicated to helping everyone, no matter what the situation or question is.
"Houston we have liftoff"
Trvi and Uavs and Gnpx.
It's not to late to start accumulating share.

TTNP is next ☝.
Very low priced .36
I bought 2000 at end of day.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152426
6/3/2020 12:45:31 PM

APOP is the next one.
I bought 1000 at 3.05 to start

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152421
6/2/2020 4:40:45 PM


The stock seems extended right now to buy for me.
Their products are decent, and seem stable.
Strictly from a trading view point, I would hit and run for the time being.
I could be wrong also.
I would look to be a buyer at $1- $1.15, but remember I'm not daytrading it.
It could also have a 1-2 days explosion up to 2.
Difficult to determine.
Good luck if you trade it.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152414
6/1/2020 9:00:51 PM

Holdings update:
18k GNPX average price 2.38 MKT Value $50,940 Cost Basis $42,840

10k TRIL average price 6.05 MKT Value $77,770 Cost Basis $60,500

10K TORC average price 1.89 MKT Value $20,200 Cost Basis $18,900

10K UAVS average price 1.30 MKT Value $14,400 Cost Basis $13,300

10k PTI average price 1.55 MKT Value $14,200 Cost Basis $15,500

9k ISEE average price 4.09 MKT Value $36,180 Cost Basis $36,810

3k TRVI average price 2.97 MKT Value $10,200 Cost Basis $8,910

New candidate is POAI. I will be starting my accumulation starting tomorrow.
I'm roughly up 27k over 5 weeks or 14%. I'm still waiting on one of these stocks to explode upward significantly.
I will capture my original investment, and let the profits ride.
I'm trading with a 350K account.
I do not want to max it out.
I'm going to post new candidates from the filter, but I might not trade all of them.
I will highlight if I plan on investing in these candidates.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152365
5/29/2020 2:58:30 PM

You first need to determine what type trader you are.
Daytrading is not for me, you need to be very disciplined
Using a chart to daytrade is just that. In an out, do not hold.
As for me,I use charts to determine direction.
I don't expect I'll be 100% correct on any given day.
For me I try to accumulate a postion over a set number of days.
I'm trying to catch the larger move if I can.
Xarlors filter is very well written, I just tweaked it a bit.
The jury is still out if I have done it better.
I have watched my postions go from exciting to agony over several days.
I am still holding all my plays, except ontx, and clsk. I sold both for a small loss.
My other holdings are profitable, and outweigh my 2 losses.
Backing and filling is when a stock is being accumulated.
It will bring in new buyers( such as myself) who don't plan on selling that day.
It will also chase daytraders out of the stock, because there is very little gain to be had.
All in all the chart will show a consolidation pattern.
The longer the consolidation pattern, the better I like.
That is what Xalors filter ferrets out.
I have tried to get a trader in ahead of the ascent.
Hence, this is why I stated you will be getting involved 1-2 weeks ahead of the expected rise.
This is where patience is a virtue, I am so inclined.
If your a daytrader, don't use my filter.
There are many excellent filters on this forum.
I will say, there are many many decent traders on this forum, who are a wealth of education and help.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152356
5/28/2020 2:09:10 PM

TRVI is the next one on the docket.
Will start accumulating today at close.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152273
5/21/2020 6:36:15 PM

Here we go boy's.
ONTX looks like rocket fuel on the chart.
A compressed spring.
I'm buying, and I don't plan on holding.

I haven't done any DD, trading strictly from the chart.
Good Luck

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152252
5/20/2020 2:00:03 PM

I see Gnpx is filling the gap.
Tro is so correct about that.
All stocks fill the gap.
Gonna buy more in the 2.70's.
On a mission for 20k shares.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152242
5/19/2020 2:09:46 PM

Check out ISEE.
This stock is setting up too.
Currently I have no position in it.
Might buy 1K at the end of the day

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152241
5/19/2020 1:15:42 PM

PTI is setting up nicely.
I bought 1k yestetday.
It's in the accumulation phase.

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