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General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149574
11/11/2019 2:11:05 PM

I am trying to figure a way to rearrange TRO'S filter.
I have an idea, where you buy the close on Friday.
and sell the open on Monday,
I love all the bells and whistles of this statistical filter. absolutely awesome information.
I would like the new filter to show me statistically, the best candidates for buying at close on Friday and selling at open on Monday.
showing 1pct, 2pct, 5pct. returns just like the original filter.
also sort descending so the best is at the top.
Tro's filter is a work of art, only problem is getting filled at the open, hence the reason for buying at Fridays close.
Any help from the Gurus who peruse theses forums would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #149072
9/9/2019 2:25:56 PM

I believe you are gonna hit a 4 bagger with that trade.
Hopefully it's not a daytrade.
Gold, especially silver are going higher

General Discussion · ABMD - How would you trade this?
msg #148724
7/29/2019 8:42:55 PM

You were correct. Hit my stop loss today. Glad it was just paper trading.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #148723
7/29/2019 8:35:45 PM


A hat tip to you. I bought into Penn based on your chart. What a great call that was. Bought 4k shares at 17.60.
Still holding.
Thanks for posting

General Discussion · ABMD - How would you trade this?
msg #148600
7/19/2019 9:38:28 PM

If it were me I would short it.
Stop loss at 275.
If it breaks below 250, I would add to my short position.
Just my 2 cents

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #148060
6/5/2019 5:14:23 PM

Sold 2 TRV 150's 7.50 +$340

Sold 2 SO 50's 5.80 +220

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #148026
6/3/2019 4:32:55 PM

SO Jan 2020 50 calls 2 @ 4.70
TRV Jan 2020 150 calls 2 @ 5.80

Didn't get filled on any of the others as of yet.

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #148011
6/2/2019 6:12:06 PM

Quite a few plays for next week. Given the state of affairs of the current market, I'm going to tread lightly with these plays.
Planning on $600.00 commitment to each play. As I get filled, I'll post my entry prices.

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #147922
5/24/2019 9:36:49 PM

I use the cma filter.
Sold 6 CSX JUL 80's ,92 -$680.00
Sold 3 SBAC Jun 210's 4.60 +$390.00

Have a great weekend

Filter Exchange · 1 month low filter
msg #147906
5/23/2019 6:04:05 PM

This is the filter I use

Show stocks where high reached a new 1 year high within the last 2 weeks
and cma(high,6) has been decreasing for the last 2 days
and cma(low,2) was lower 1 day ago
and cma(low,2) is increasing for the last 1 day
and draw cma(low,2)
close has been above ma(50) for the last 10 days

and Average Volume(90) is above 500000
and price is between 10 and 500
and draw ma(10)
and draw ma(20)
and draw ma(50)

and stock is optionable

I bought 3 SBAC calls

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