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General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154215
10/7/2020 11:32:38 PM

typical trumper uses pictures because his writing skills are deficient,
and i don't understand the picture!

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154214
10/7/2020 11:31:04 PM

once again, mac starts the politics ,now someone will post it's time to stop political posts.

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154212
10/7/2020 11:28:18 PM

pence pivoted every answer, didnt answer prexisting conditions, what is before the supreme court right now,
if you end ACC, there goes insurance for those millions with preexisting conditions. maybe mac has seen trump's "GREAT HEALTH CARE" plan, i know the right has had 11 years to produce a plan but hasn't, dont forget the right is the party of opposition , not one who rules., note the 210,000 dead!

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154129
9/28/2020 2:11:40 AM

youre lying, shapiro investigated ,9 ballots , found ballots were aside, not in a dumpster or a stream as
trump and lackey said, amazingly those with access to the world's best information didnt use that capability.
just another instance of stupidity! worried about 9 ballots, im worried about the 400 million trump owes.
where will he get that ?

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #154083
9/21/2020 2:24:16 AM

'looks like sideways action"
are you talking about the stock market?

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154015
9/12/2020 8:06:43 AM

mac i thought you said no more politics- you just can't let it go can you !
don't forget trump is a piker compared to obama, under obama the sp 500 went
up 252%, just look at a weekly sp 500 chart. Charts don't lie, do they ? google forbes mag
and "obama and the stock market":. read it and weep! as a matter of fact as of the last thirty years or so, dems have pulled the country out of economic disasters, that and socialism. ie bailout to farmers,
stimulus checks to businesses and individuals., bailouts to banks and car dealers, farm subsidies,
medicare are you on medicare ,mac,? do you collect social security ? another dreaded piece of socialism!

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153961
9/7/2020 8:55:14 AM

is that a political statement , mac ?

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153959
9/6/2020 11:57:39 PM

hey mac why did you wait two days to dismiss politics, why didnt you call out karen
for his political posts two days ago? so it 's fine to promote trump?

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153940
9/6/2020 2:33:40 AM

yeah the pandemic, the stock market, all the felons around trump , all combined to defeat trump, in between hair appointments, pelosi plotted all the above, right!!!!

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153939
9/6/2020 2:29:49 AM

wasnt trumps market anyway, all you need to do is gaze at a sp 500 chart from 2008 on, Obama was the man, trump was lucky to continue , under obama 252 % increase, cant lie your way around the charts boys.

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