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General Discussion · Need help with TTF
msg #35200
2/24/2005 11:35:06 PM

How about:

15dayTTF two days ago was below 100

msg #35107
2/11/2005 12:54:59 AM

Fetcher[bollinger width(20) is greater than 1]

Filter Exchange · February 2005 - Traders Tips - TASC Magazine Filter for SF
msg #35031
2/1/2005 1:00:07 AM

Your are welcome!

The article suggests buying at the open, but I think maybe I would place the buy order at .01 above the high.


Filter Exchange · February 2005 - Traders Tips - TASC Magazine Filter for SF
msg #34972
1/25/2005 7:06:09 PM

Here is a close approximation of February's Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine Traders' Tips Section:


/* Variables */
set {atr2,2 * average true range(10)}
set {llv20,low 20 day low + atr2}
set {y,llv20}
set {trail,close - atr2}
set {ptaker,cema(high,13)+atr2}

/* Parameters */
close is above weekly moving average(34)
weekly moving average(34) is above weekly moving average(34) 5 days ago
close crossed above llv20

/* Charting */
draw y on plot close
draw ptaker on plot close
draw trail 15 day high on plot close
draw rsi(7)
do not draw trail

/* Columns */
add column trail 15 day high {STOP}
add column ptaker {Take Profit}

/* Volume n Price Parameters - Change to your taste */
price is greater than 1
volume is greater than 100000


General Discussion · Nice Filter but not sure programmed is correct
msg #34940
1/20/2005 1:38:02 AM

. . . almost forgot, SF will accept:

Fetcher[Bollinger Width(20,2) is above .05]

General Discussion · Nice Filter but not sure programmed is correct
msg #34939
1/20/2005 1:35:12 AM

Interesting filter. All the stocks look like they are ready to roll over to the downside. Time to short?

Filter Exchange · Trend Trigger Factor (TTF)
msg #34598
12/30/2004 12:27:21 AM


I really appreciate your effort. I use your site almost every day, btw. I would really like to emulate the zigzag, peak and trough functions in Metastock. If you have tackled that, I would really appreciate it, since that comprises a large part of my real life trading system.

I really like to buy on market structure, buying when the price exceeds the last peak - selling on the opposite condition. In real life I define a peak as a high bar preceded by two lower highs, and followed by two lower highs.

Metastock allows me to use the peak function, which isn't quite the same, but works for me. I set it at 1%, and that gives me pretty good peaks for what I trade.

Thanks for your help,

General Discussion · Metastock to Stockfetcher conversion request.
msg #34417
12/18/2004 2:47:51 AM

Any Metastock users out there?

I am trying to convert the Peak(), Trough() and/or ZigZag() funtions of Metastock into Stockfetcher.

Peak(N, HIGH, 5) will return the peak N days ago assuming a 5% retracement. N=1 would return the value of the most recent peak. Trough works in the opposite fashion.

Any ideas would be helpful.


Filter Exchange · Trend Trigger Factor (TTF)
msg #34416
12/18/2004 2:40:40 AM


Awesome, can you now do the "Detecting Breakouts" one in January? :)


Filter Exchange · RSI(1) Between 0 and 100
msg #34400
12/17/2004 12:26:39 AM

Try RSI(2).

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