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General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150129
1/5/2020 7:30:28 PM

Oh! "LAS". Okay ...
Well at this point, I'm certainly not a fan anymore.
Any "analyst" who goes on TV TWO months before a bear market is OVER, saying we're in a bear market, is no Captain Genius.
I felt early in 2018 my portfolio was in trouble because I was NOT trading anymore - just holding.
ALL the stocks I was "holding" were moving sideways for months the ENTIRE 2018.
So, VERY EARLY in 2018, I had a bad feeling..
I was so used to trading - constantly jumping in and out all the time, I had to force myself to "hold".
I kept holding and holding ... until I couldn't stand it anymore - and bailed Oct. 2018.
It was a frustrating experience.

All those guys (Acampora, LAS, CNN) - were late to the death knell in October!
I saw the s#*+ coming long before October.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150128
1/5/2020 7:07:29 PM

David Larew:


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ READ THAT! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150125
1/5/2020 6:59:54 PM

@ Cheese,
David Larew on TWTR:


See his comment: "Parabolic Bearish wedge"

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150124
1/5/2020 6:55:08 PM

Who is "LAS"?

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150115
1/5/2020 9:25:13 AM

@ Cheese,
YOU didn't "irk" me.
If you had your old spreadsheet of stocks from a year ago, and glanced at it on whim, and saw a six figure gain on a portfolio you sold 2 months prior to the rebound, you might be "irked" too.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150110
1/4/2020 4:06:29 PM

"bottom" SP500

Well, they're at the bottom cause they suck.
Too bad you can't just type SP500 in SF and get the list. (i.e., symlist(SP500)
I'm not gonna type all 507 manually!

Some SP500 cheapies at the bottom .. all a bunch of sh*+.

Garbage! The crap in my kitty litter box is worth more!
My old portfolio went up six figures because I had the cream of the crop.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150105
1/4/2020 8:56:43 AM

IF that story is true, Buffet will be sitting on his cash a lonnnnng time.
There will be NO correction like we had this time last year.

General Discussion · FOUR- ?
msg #150088
1/3/2020 11:18:40 AM

Mebane Faber

Never heard of him.
I'm disgusted.
My life is ruined.
A year of lost profits.
I looked at my old spreadsheet .. what my Buy & Hold porfolio made.
(the one I sold Oct 2018)
Six figures! NO trading required.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150054
12/31/2019 9:43:30 AM

This is ridiculous.
For peeps who just want to "buy & hold", there's nothing.
There's no correction, so, you can't buy cheap.
Another trap to buy high and then try to sell higher.
Makes no sense.

General Discussion · Merry Christmas and New Year's Wishes!
msg #149993
12/23/2019 10:30:29 PM

May we have a big crash like we did this time last year, so we can buy stocks cheap!
Just another .. "glitch".

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