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General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158728
3/4/2022 8:35:31 PM

The market will continue to go down.
I feel sorry for anyone who is still holding a "basket" of stocks.
They're gonna be living in a trailer park when it's over -- IF it ever ends.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158717
3/4/2022 7:41:41 AM

@ Cheese,
Do you want to hear the "other" bad news?

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158707
3/2/2022 4:34:25 PM

Re: "#1 - "Exhaustion" top (from a basket of blue-chips that failed to go higher)."

I'm scrolling thru some of those stocks now.
"Blue-chips" is a misnomer. They're bellwether stocks.
SMH ... some major fails in Nasdaq.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158705
3/2/2022 4:03:16 PM

@ Cheese,
Re: "If you don't mind, could you please tell me what T.A. indicator(s) and setting(s)
did you use for this particular Thanksgiving 2021 warning?"

I'm not bragging, but as you know I always warn ahead of time.
Many times, I'm ignored because I warn "too soon".
The masses are still "partying" not realizing the party is over, they just don't know it.
This time (as per your question "Thanksgiving 2021"), I used 3 indicators ...
#1 - "Exhaustion" top (from a basket of blue-chips that failed to go higher).
#2 - President's lack of economic growth policy.
(i.e., shutting down U.S. gas pipelines, cargo ships/container shipping, small businesses, etc.)
#3 - The third one I can't mention as it would prolly be considered offensive and get me in trouble.
So, #1-2 will suffice.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158699
3/2/2022 10:37:08 AM

Told ya' ...
Happy Thanksgiving 2021 << >>Post Follow-up
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msg #158093 11/23/2021 9:17:06 AM
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and ...
get out of your LONG positions before you lose all your money.

MAJOR Economic Fail.
Totally predictable.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158468
1/27/2022 5:31:03 PM

IMHO, we're at the point of no return.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158462
1/25/2022 9:28:19 PM

@ marine2,
Re: "What with how our economy is changing along with world relations deteriorating I think cold hard cash might be our only savior in saving our wealth"

And IF your money is devalued and subsequently digitized, holding "cold hard cash" won't do you much good.

James 5:3
"Your gold and silver are corroded. The very wealth you were counting on will eat away your flesh like fire. This corroded treasure you have hoarded will testify against you on the day of judgment.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158451
1/24/2022 7:12:19 AM

BTW, just so I don't sound self-righteous .. I held on to ONE stock - a covid play.
Still holding and I've lost a ton ...
I don't expect to recover that money - ever.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158450
1/24/2022 7:10:09 AM

@ Snappyfrog,
Re: "The majority of stocks have been falling for

Many are down more than 50% since I posted my original message @ Thanksgiving.
I could see it coming a mile away.
And, furthermore, I DON'T expect a recovery anytime soon.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158439
1/23/2022 8:48:06 AM

I just saw one of the most stupid news headings ever ... "Is the market crashing?"
Well, duhhhh ... I put out a warning before Thanksgiving 2021.
NOT rocket science.

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