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General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153329
7/29/2020 7:15:18 PM

Well, here they go again. Waiting until the LAST MINUTE and they still haven't made a decision.
So, unemployment ends TOMORROW and these guys are still drinking Kool-aid.

Crucial quote
“The other issue that we have to focus on this week is the Washington aid package. The $600 unemployment check ends,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters over the weekend. “That is going to really cause havoc and tremendous distress for people. If the unemployment stops, Washington is playing politics, they have gridlock.”
Gridlock? No $#*+.
Wait till peeps start killing themselves. WHERE the h*ll are peeps supposed to find jobs, when businesses are shut down or going under?
Yesterday, I had to drive around parts of my city I normally don't go to.
Hundreds of peeps were living in TENTS.
I couldn't believe it!
A woman came up to my car begging for money.
She was wearing a sheet!

Stock Picks and Trading · Which Way is the Market Going to Go? Squeeze
msg #153328
7/29/2020 6:43:17 PM

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msg #152759 6/24/2020 9:52:09 PM
Silver Futures 17.61
Gold Futures 1776.

Silver Futures - $24.42
Gold Futures - $19.60

Looking forward to an epic stock crash.

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153254
7/22/2020 6:48:02 PM

Hmmm ... "Everybody knows" ....? Ahead of time? Really?
And I guess everybody knows the market only goes up on days ending with "y".

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153173
7/17/2020 9:39:22 AM

HOW is this possible? I thought their subs had increased ...
As the saying goes, "everybody's watching America, and America's watching TV" ...

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153145
7/16/2020 12:20:38 PM

More hooey from Jim Cramer ...

Well, if the market drops 50%, I've got my shopping list ready.
Otherwise, I'll just keep sittin' on the sidelines watching the rich get richer.

BTW, a market drop on 7/27 just happens to coincide with unemployment benefits ending.
Now, as the President has always said, "employment is booming", but honestly, the jobs I see, don't pay well.
I have a friend whose daughter is doing well -- she works 3 jobs.
She's young and enthusiastic and can do it.
My neighbor goes to work all hours of the day and nite; family lives like sardines 'cause they're doing AirBnB ....
But not everyone wants to live like that.

General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #153117
7/15/2020 9:52:13 AM

"The Federal Budget Deficit in June Was Bigger Than the Entire Federal Budget Deficit for 2018 ..."

Dick Cheney once said, "deficits don't matter."
I guess they don't.

General Discussion · Hi CHeese,
msg #153052
7/9/2020 9:09:15 PM

msg #153047
7/9/2020 2:53:06 PM

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msg #153044
- Ignore Mactheriverrat 7/9/2020 1:46:52 PM
That was me that started the Weinstein stuff.
I quit messing with it as I thought it was too lagging.


It IS "lagging" .. to a fault.
The book was published in 1988.
Times have changed.
Markets don't move that slowly anymore.
(Don't get mad at me. . . JMHO ...)

General Discussion · Hi CHeese,
msg #153037
7/9/2020 10:02:26 AM

I was trying to find the post where I ridiculed "FOUR" for looking at TSLA when it was cheap.
Here's some sad-ass $#*+ that I found ...
SMH ...

Intraday Alerts
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msg #115503 9/24/2013 9:05:07 AM

There's a lot of merit to the Turtle method. Clearly, had I just "held" NFLX & TSLA when I first started buying @ $58.oo, I'd be "sitting pretty" right now.
Unfortunately, my trading psyche has reversed on me in the last 10 years.
Many years ago, I'd hold & hold & hold a stock, and was afraid to sell.
NOW, I buy & sell (take profits ASAP), and stay in cash most of the time, because I'm afraid to hold.

General Discussion · Hi CHeese,
msg #153036
7/9/2020 9:38:53 AM

@ kossvet,
The other thing that is currently bothering me is, I've been following the analysts who post the technicals ...
"Technically" they're so bearish ... but what's the point? Technicals don't matter with Fed infusions.
If you're keeping up with everything (virus, business shutdowns, jobs (See my post about BOSSANOVA at WMT), this is an ... for lack of a better word, a dystopian reality.
Everyday I just SMH ...
Please see Senator/Dr. Scott Jensen's video.
I've had a LOT of time to think about things.
I'm surrounded by so many sheeple, reality is worrying me ...

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