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General Discussion · Trading Blogs
msg #52870
7/8/2007 9:55:14 AM

nice blog about real performance of automatic trading systems:

Blog about VIX :

General Discussion · CRAMER RECOMMENDS RIMM AND ....
msg #52868
7/8/2007 9:39:16 AM

chetron, you definetely should read about Cramer's "right" stock pics at , you can find posts about him by "search" function at upper left corner, or at

General Discussion · Most ball games are lost, not won.
msg #52836
7/6/2007 4:36:37 PM

95% of traders loose? It's just the same as to claims that most golf players loose when playing with Tiger Woods. I guess 99.999999% will loose. It depends of the level of you partner. If you are newbie trader than "average" market trader is better than you and you loose. And it takes a lot of time to become even an "average" market trader. To become an "above average" market trader takes even more time. Most people are unable to do it, just like in any sport where it takes many years to become an "average" sportsman. From those who was not patient enough to become "average" we got those numbers that "95% of traders loose." But if you consider professional sportsmans and professional traders, than you can tell that 95% of them win playing against "average" sportsman/trader. It is one of the most stupid things to consider professional and non-professional traders together, mix them and calculate statistics based on that mix.

Filter Exchange · will predict trs before open everyday
msg #52592
6/27/2007 2:34:45 PM

MARY4MONEY is worst person here cos he/she is spam soo much with his/her totally unreadable messages. I noticed a lot of times that his/her post are total bull sh..t ... What I trade is an opposite of what MARY4MONEY "predict" in most cases and I have a real account, not "paper treding" account, and I make money 60-70% of my trades

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51864
5/29/2007 3:00:22 AM

it's a zero sum game and most people will not disclose their real strategy and will not describe it in details to make it possible for others to do same things...
I'm shorting pre-market gainers on pre-market and some times during market hours...

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51836
5/27/2007 5:53:01 PM

SFMc01, I don't have personal experience with them cos I don't back-test. I don't back-test cos I have a strategy which works without any back-testing.

Koronbock, rharmelink, those companies from advertisiments places in hard copy of "technical analysis of stocks and commodities" magazine So I suspect those companies are alive :) Also I beleive they are much better in intra-day backtesting than stockfetcher cos stockfetcher doesn't support intraday back-testing at all :) You can personally check every web site and decide if they worth a dime or not. I'm sure all of them are good companies.

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51827
5/27/2007 11:02:21 AM

rharmelink, sorry, I don't understand what you mean :( English is not my native language.

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51822
5/26/2007 12:53:16 PM

Need more? :)

General Discussion · big insider clue will ake you rich in after hours$$$$
msg #51364
4/28/2007 7:40:23 AM

guys, especially MARY4MONEY, I've been trading pre-market/after-market very extensively and I can tell that things are not that simple as MARY4MONEY wrote. There are much more factors and big "buy" block doesn't mean price will continue to rise, I've been trading pre-market every day and I can tell from my experience that I noticed NO correlation between big "buy" block and future price rise, I can even tell that in many cases it's a nice opportunity to short cos relatively big "buy" order will move price even higher, so you will have a better price to short.....

General Discussion · Free TRO Indicators for TradeStation and eSignal
msg #50341
3/1/2007 4:20:32 PM

limestar, TRO has dozens of best indicators for EVERY trading software on the Earth :) just kidding...

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