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General Discussion · Penny Players - A few to watch ...
msg #96548
9/24/2010 8:19:20 PM

KBLB is not finished, looking for .40 from here!
pennies are starting to crank up!

General Discussion · good trading course
msg #95766
8/21/2010 7:46:35 PM

you want to daytrade or swing trade?

If you want a course, then it will cost you a few thousand dollars, if you want to read and start a paper trading log, then you should read anything by Toni Turner, very good stuff!

If you want a course, then you want the real thing, try looking at Keystone trading group!

remember, paper is not like putting hard money on the line, and with paper trading you will cheat, you cant cheat with real money!

General Discussion · SCAN PICKS Round-Up
msg #95392
8/5/2010 1:58:39 AM

watch XOMA at the open!

TNA is at a support level and it looks ready to go, MACD and RSI are favorable, but may appear to be weakening, it's worth watching!

Q made a new 2 year high today! interesting!

General Discussion · SCAN PICKS Round-Up
msg #95391
8/5/2010 1:57:47 AM

BANR looks like its ready to pop in a few days, if not sooner!

General Discussion · LOAD TZA NOW!!
msg #94173
6/22/2010 2:52:19 PM

TZA overhead resistance at 10 ma RUT support at 10 ma

General Discussion · DRV
msg #94172
6/22/2010 2:51:21 PM

DRV looks good shaping up just like TZA did

General Discussion · LOAD TZA NOW!!
msg #94170
6/22/2010 12:47:36 PM

oh man, they got to ruin everything! TZA split (reverse) crap!

General Discussion · S&P 1112-40%=
msg #94158
6/22/2010 10:22:56 AM

This market is crap

General Discussion · S&P 1112-40%=
msg #94157
6/22/2010 10:22:30 AM


General Discussion · LOAD TZA NOW!!
msg #94145
6/21/2010 8:52:51 PM

look at a 1 year weekly candle chart and a 2 year monthly candle chart, this will make it easier

When the market craps, Im going to buy me a 250 ninja wholesale and go cruising!

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