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msg #61520
4/16/2008 12:21:31 AM

1. jospatrick: If possible, can you provide more details concerning the extinct:
Q1. drill-down features:
Jos A1: past results pages allowed the user to click on a ticker, the chart would appear with the ability to move up or down the list with the next tickers on the list in the upper right of the current ticker's screen - that seem to be gone now and one has to close then manually click on the next symbol. [P.s.: looks like this is now fixed - thanks]
Q2. 'x' days ago
Jos A2: in the past, one could manually impose a back check date so you could 'zoom' to a specific date or date range - now you have to move digitally (one day, one week...). seems cumbersome.
Q3. colorization
Jos A3: as mention in 1 above, past charts would be shaded starting on the day selected in the back check window making it easy to visualize your results - this feature seems to be gone now.
Q4. next/previous
- We have not removed the date offset/days ago or the ability to move back/forth when using the date-offset. These are found on the "performance" tab.
Jos A4: this maybe redundant to #2 above - sorry.

General Discussion · New format
msg #61409
4/12/2008 12:00:38 PM

I do not like the new formal as it seems to offer less function and more frills - i joined SF for the tech tools and agree with Moby and Sujones on the now-extinct drill down features of inputing 'x' days ago and the colorization and 'next'/'previous' that no longer appear on the chart results page. Please revert back to the prev version or add these old functions back in. Keep up the good work but perhaps review others comments for this version. Thanks SF, I'm stickn' with ya!

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