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msg #37675
8/27/2005 10:10:05 AM

Thanks RumpledOne nice filter again,just marvelous,and the fact is know is a good time to use a filter with indposition crossover using stochastics or williams %R to show stocks indicating nice relative strenght against the NASDQ,there could be some nice reversals upward here. God Bless Joe

Filter Exchange · Multicollinearity
msg #37113
7/27/2005 5:12:51 PM

Bollinger states using 2 or more indicators derived from price to confirm one another is a prime example of a multiple collinear trap.The trick answer is to use one indicator for trend,one indicator for momemtum,and one indicator for volume. RSI, Williams%R a good friend of mine and Stochastics are from the same poplulation. Price and volume are separate and distinct groups according to technical pro's . A response is warmly welcomed.

Filter Exchange · Multicollinearity
msg #37110
7/27/2005 4:12:42 PM

This is simply using the multiple counting of the same information. Example using RSI with Williams %R or Lane,s Stochastics where the same information is used more than once,whereby collinear indicators can trap your thinking.The best traders only use a few arsenals for trading and mix and match according to there trading style.I have read many filters on the board,scalping to money management which is fine,but have not thus far come across the issue stated above,which would be the successful intergration of a few non-collinear indicators.Any one open to discuss the same,please do.

Public Filter List · RSI(3) CMA CROSS OVER RSI(2)
msg #37071
7/26/2005 12:43:42 PM

show stocks where the count rsi(3)crossed above CMA(rsi(2),10,20)is below 5

You won,t get many but risk to reward is good with this filter CLST could be a nice play,on day when market is down and stock is up,could be a nice entry point so is Eaton Vance

General Discussion · Just wondering if there are any good chart pattern scans
msg #37069
7/26/2005 8:55:18 AM

It is the old axiom by Peter Lynch " learn to earn" best of luck

Filter Exchange · need help to write a filter for (180's)
msg #37068
7/26/2005 8:44:27 AM

Sorry, and i apologize if i offended, alf44 is great and i love hearing what he states and truly identify with his thinking. As for you RumpleOne your a super person for helping so many with your brilliance. I wish the Best of Luck to all members,but to make a threat to me is not warranted by any measure,wouldn't you say?

General Discussion · WAIT FOR GREEN
msg #37065
7/25/2005 8:04:10 PM

Listen folks, if a trade is going your way average up one-half of the initial position ex; bought 1,000 shares ,first pull back you buy half 500 shares, next pullback you buy 250 shares it is done in 3 stages using trendlines. Let your profits run, very simple and use trailing stops along the way. Something Ozzie Osborns cousin Jody never talked about from optionetics

Filter Exchange · RSI
msg #37064
7/25/2005 7:40:20 PM

Do exactly what alf44 said but and there is always a but, add" and draw rsi(14)line 60 -- just a cosmetic effect Good Luck

General Discussion · 60 day high.
msg #37062
7/25/2005 4:03:20 PM

show stocks where high > high 60 days ago, i like what your doing simple and good shorting prospects, like BDK good luck

Filter Exchange · Help with Trendlines
msg #37061
7/25/2005 3:54:10 PM

Look just use Fibonacci retracements for support and resistance levels,which are both horizontal lines, period. Trendlines you can not do, go to a site that has Java tools and you can draw Uptrend and Downtrend lines,maybe that will help for the time being. Good Luck

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