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General Discussion · Poll: How much are you willing to pay for realtime screener?
msg #68057
10/4/2008 5:22:01 PM

I used MadScan when it was free and in the Beta mode.

It provided awesome data on movers and shakers in Real Time allowing me to capture breakouts or breakdowns. I loved using it and may eventually subscribe.

Eventually they came out with their pricey platform.

Last I checked you could still access a free pared down operation limited to a single market (NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX) daily.

General Discussion · Shorting as a way of life
msg #68055
10/4/2008 5:13:12 PM

Given that stocks tend to fall three times faster than they climb I short-sell based exclusively on TRO's statistical scans, though I've been piddling around lately with Muddy's Short's Only blog and his Green on the Screen chat room (see Combining that background with an Interactive Brokers account which:

(1) Posts stocks in their "Shortable Stocks" section which they'll allow you to short (thanks to "13th Floor" for the recommendation)

(2) Along with current availability levels of shortable stocks

(3) Plus no price limits on which stocks you can short (e.g., many brokers won't let you short stocks below $5)

Resulting in the perfect platform for seamlessly riding the Market up or down!

Finally, I use the free "Short Quote" service found at in order to make sure that the "Short Percent of Float" isn't too high on any stock that I'm considering for shorting.


aka "son of Tro," "Tro Jr.," or "mini-Tro" -- lol : )

General Discussion · Broker Comparisons
msg #68054
10/4/2008 4:56:40 PM

I compared Sogo Trade with Just2Trade and decided that the latter had what I was looking for. I remember spending considerable time digging into Sogo's products and services but left with a greater appreciation for Just2Trade. Perhaps there have been improvements since I perused and dug deep into their menu. It's irrelevant to me now since I won't trade with anyone other than IB since they allow for almost unlimited short trade opportunities, allowing me to ride the rising and falling Market tide seamlessly regardless of how volatile it gets.

General Discussion · MOC (Market on Close)
msg #68053
10/4/2008 4:49:38 PM

I've used MOC extensively -- especially when I didn't have the $25k pattern day trade required account minimum -- and have had zero issues. I was always filled at the actual closing price. I would have to lock in my trade about 20 minutes before the Close or I'd be shut out from using the MOC function and would have to manually enter the trade seconds before 4:00 p.m.


General Discussion · New Here and Need Encouragement
msg #67838
9/28/2008 9:58:01 PM

"Get In, Get Out" is the only way I trade. The Market is too volatile to be playing games in the middle of the interstate. As TRO wrote on another thread:

"You take whatever profit you can whenever you can. You do NOT know what's going to happen next. You will leave money on the table. So what? It's like breaking and entering, the longer you take filling up your bag, the more likely you'll get busted. SMASH, GRAB and RUN!!"

I like small consistent and predictable gains. I don't mind bunt singles and doubles as long as I can do it daily.

And when I do trade I stick to TRO-inspired stat filters. I make sure the numbers and probabilities are stacked in my favor.

Plus I always check the trend, to make sure it's still my friend. Always ride the tide. Why swim upstream?

Get back on that horse when your confidence is restored. We've all been bucked early on.

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #67837
9/28/2008 9:47:44 PM

TRO said:

"You take whatever profit you can whenever you can. You do NOT know what's going to happen next. You will leave money on the table. So what? It's like breaking and entering, the longer you take filling up your bag, the more likely you'll get busted. SMASH, GRAB and RUN!!"

TRO's last sentence had me laughing; it sums up my trading style as well, which is GIGO (i.e., "Get In, Get Out").

Thanks TRO for the great thread.


General Discussion · Broker Comparisons
msg #67353
9/17/2008 5:28:31 AM

Interactive Brokers is the way to go IMO. I short sell like crazy and IB has an incredible inventory listing shortable stocks, including almost every penny stock. The platform isn't as flashy-looking as some of their more image conscious competitors but if its horsepower under the hood, combined with endless trader inspired configurations that you're interested in, then IB won't let you down.

General Discussion · I trade just one stock, TRO-style
msg #67265
9/13/2008 6:06:27 PM


I built that filter because I had to trade overnight due to not having (at the time) the requisite $25,000+ needed to daytrade (i.e., pattern day trading rule). I needed the overnight odds to be in my favor that's why I constructed this filter.

You simply enter a bullish position at the Close of the trading day when the filter is giving you a stock that is consistently returning a bullish profit, like SPF. When it pops up during the following trading day you simply take your profit.


General Discussion · Debug Issue with: "Warning: period length exceeded."
msg #66930
9/3/2008 12:16:41 PM

I stumbled upon a stop-gap solution. I found that by bumping up my "Price < 15" criteria to "Price < 16" the anomaly in the system was bypassed. Before it had been leaving out certain sub $15 stocks (e.g., ECPG & WNR) that shouldn't have been omitted. I haven't a clue in the world why this works, but I'm not complaining.

General Discussion · Debug Issue with: "Warning: period length exceeded."
msg #66928
9/3/2008 11:10:07 AM

Hi Chetron,

Do you know why some stocks were allowed to pass through the "Warning: period length exceeded" limit while others were flagged? I am referring to your pre-debugging of the filter. Wouldn't the same glitch and programming error (e.g., too many brackets) apply to all the stocks?



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