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msg #58442
12/23/2007 11:12:48 AM

Hi Rumpled One,

Your filters on this thread are my early holidays and birthday (12/28) presents!

Could you give me some definitions on your chart headings?


What does "MA" stand for?

What does "abs" stand for?

Thank you for all of your counsel. I've been perusing your archived posts and have learned more from them than from all my trading training in the past combined. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your experience with us relative newbies.

Happy holidays to you and here's believing that your 2008 is great!


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msg #58416
12/22/2007 2:13:31 AM

Thank you for the advice.

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msg #58399
12/21/2007 4:38:23 PM

The Rumpled One,

Thanx for taking your time answering all my questions.

I have another one for you. My trading platform's annual subscription is expiring soon. I'm looking for an upgrade. Do you use TradeStation? If not, what platform would you recommend?

Thanx in advance.


Filter Exchange · /* TRO STAT SCAN - OPEN TO HIGH */
msg #58362
12/20/2007 10:15:44 PM

Thanks for the filter! I was trying to construct a crude facsimilie last week but it proved futile. Now for some questions about your scan:

Could you explain your "greed" index?
Could you explain your "clxcl" heading?
Also, your "volcnt" and "volzrero" headings as well?

Thank you for an awesome filter that hits the bullseye relative to what I was trying to build.

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