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Filter Exchange · THE "ELDER-RAY" PULLBACKS!
msg #62113
5/3/2008 5:46:02 PM

excellent filter...

any recommendations on proper exit specific to this filter...

General Discussion · Any kick Ass Exits ???
msg #62060
5/2/2008 11:42:17 AM

Im finding the most challenging part is coming up with good exit triggers that capture a good percent of a move without getting smoked!

Anyone have some good exit triggers / trailing stops that improved their trading results??

Would appreciate any help in this area...thanks..

Filter Exchange · help with syntax, % days greater close
msg #50362
3/2/2007 11:16:10 AM

exactly what i needed, thanks

Filter Exchange · help with syntax, % days greater close
msg #50335
3/1/2007 1:21:59 PM

i am trying to to find stocks that over the last 20 days more than 60% of days closed lower.

set{daycl,close<close 1day ago}

show stocks where numdays/20 > .59

doesnt seem to return the proper stocks....any help?

Backtesting Support · exit trigger rules errors
msg #50116
2/18/2007 11:17:25 PM

I am having trouble with my exit rules.

What i do is just input my rule into the box, (i use one or the other not all of them)
ei. chandelier (20,2.0)
ei. MA (50)
ei. rsi(14) crosses 70
is this all that is needed?

when i view my "trades" it highlights your entry bar and your exit bar,
and my exits are never at my "exits triggers", this completely throws off the results. is there a different syntax needed, am i inputting these correctly?


Filter Exchange · Need help with a voume filter..
msg #50070
2/16/2007 1:56:54 PM

thanks for the reply...

Filter Exchange · Need help with a voume filter..
msg #50067
2/16/2007 11:23:56 AM

i am looking for a volume reversal strategy..

so i want the 5 day average volume to be less than 75% of the 5 day volume 10 days ago..

average volume (5) < (average volume (5)*.75) 10 days ago -- ?? is this the right syntax?

thanks anyone

Filter Exchange · Volitality breakout...Your thoughts...
msg #50057
2/15/2007 10:06:42 PM

set{NewClose,Close-Close 10 days ago}
show stocks where newclose > (3.162 * standard deviation (100)
exchange is not otcbb
price > 5
price < 15
average volume (10) > 100000
draw chandelier exit (5,2.5)

I am getting good results (i think). i use a chandelier (10, 1.5) as a exit with a stop loss of 11%, but since i am new dont know if i am backtesting it correctly or the filter or exits, entries could be modified for a more realistic end result...

I also dont like that I get 2000 entries witin a 4 months window...what could i do to be more selective/filter that out as well... any thoughts or just another V.Breakout?


Backtesting Support · backtest "hangs" when processing
msg #50051
2/15/2007 6:52:48 PM

no i was not hitting the refresh link, i had no idea i had to but once i did it worked fine, thanks.

how long should a backtest take anyway? Does doing a 2003-2004 backtest take longer than a 2006? what is the average wait time? thanks

Backtesting Support · backtest "hangs" when processing
msg #50046
2/15/2007 2:52:22 PM

when i backtest a filter and I hit "test" it will sit there processing the backtest till i hit the "abort" link, this is after waiting 20 minutes for a 4 month backtest period and I choose 2006 for this reason,

BUT...after hitting abort I get results from my backtest and can view the results by clicking my filters link...

any way of correctly this?

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