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Filter Exchange · HELP! Day Range + Gap equals??????
msg #31643
4/6/2004 8:25:28 PM


Can see that you enjoy writing filters. On many threads I see that. Have never seen you mention a stock though. Do you actually trade some too?

Filter Exchange · HELP! Day Range + Gap equals??????
msg #31650
4/7/2004 12:16:55 PM


Thanks for the response. Give me your email address. Have several suggestions for you.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up
msg #30618
1/13/2004 8:59:01 PM

I agree, gold stocks are going up. look at the 5 and 10 year charts. where to buy, not sure, most analysts are calling for a correction soon but long term very huge gains. I am not in these stocks yet either (tho I have been in and out of PMU a couple of times in the past 2 months). What I hear is that small gold exploration stocks should be the next big winners. My problem is dealing with stocks under a dollar.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up
msg #30619
1/13/2004 9:00:19 PM

and jthehut,

going up soon???? they have been going up for a long time!

General Discussion · Just Buy It!
msg #26455
5/9/2003 10:22:45 AM


Very impressive screen. What type of stop loss are you using? Backtesting on 1-10 day periods, looks like many go down quite a lot before they finish the 10 day period with a nice gain.

Thanks, Laura

Announcements · New Feature: Back-test your filters
msg #26625
5/27/2003 12:52:50 PM

Is there a way to see filter match results for a prior date, then the performance for a specific date in the future?

For example,
see matches on May 1 and the 10 day performance on (May 15)
see matches on May 2 and the 10 day performance (May 16) etc.

I have tried to read all the posts on date offset and back testing so I am sorry if I am missing something basic here!


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