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General Discussion · What is StockFetcher doing now?
msg #61459
4/14/2008 11:45:56 AM

I like to see the results an arbitrary number of days back. Seems like onlr preprogrammed 1 week, 1 month etc is now available. Can that be changed??

Backtesting Support · Backtesting of Filter List Suggestion
msg #55046
9/22/2007 8:27:58 AM

Great idea! Don't get me wrong - I love SF and use it every day. But over time I begin to wish for more. For example how about listing performance of a filter along with the names of selected stocks when you run a filter. I.e., I want to see the data on each stock that you see when you click on "historical" all in a table without having to click on each issue. That is because I use this data sometimes for stock pickibg and the present system is cumbersome.

This is not a terribly well formed idea but I'd like to see some "shell" for SF - sort of a meta-SF. That would offer far more ability to manipulate the results from SF. I realize that this might be too compute intensive.

General Discussion · The new look.
msg #55045
9/22/2007 8:18:51 AM

I don't like this new look. Even though I have DSL running SF on my older (ca 2000) computer is slow. I use SF heavily and access lots of data and I prefer fast to "pretty."

General Discussion · question on fundamental data fields
msg #54601
9/6/2007 8:10:10 AM

As far as I understand you can only access the current value of such a field. If you find out differently let me know because I would also love to have the historical data available.

General Discussion · question on fundamental data fields
msg #54574
9/5/2007 8:08:57 AM

It affects backtesting because the values of these fields can change with time. So if you have a filter that you wish to backtest over, say, the last year then you want the value of the fundamental field starting a year ago, not the value today.

General Discussion · Excel Analysis of trade data
msg #52869
7/8/2007 9:45:22 AM

FWIW heres how I do it. Start with a very basic simple filter. Run it and have it include several SF variables that you think might be relevant. Then in the spreadsheet sort on each variable in turn. For example suppose you like OBV. If you sort on OBV you can see how gain/loss varies with OBV. I just take the average of the half of results with low OBV and compare to the half with high OBV but do it as you please. Most of the time a variable will not have much effect on results but sometimes it does. So suppose that you find that low OBV leads to higher return. Then you add a line like "OBV less that xxxx" in your filter, rerun it and see if that helps.

Another idea I had was, instead of starting with a simple filter as I said, I start with a list of say the largest % gainers in the past 30 days or 60 days. Define new variables which contain the variable you are checking at the beginning of your 30 days, like "{set aaa,OBV 60 days ago}. Do this with another list of pretty flat stocks over the period. Merge the 2 results. Then you can see if a particular variable is correlated with higher results.

Here is an example of a filter I constructed using such techniques:

set{ii,intraday intensity(21)}
set{mf,Money Flow Index(15)}
set{au,Aroon Up(25)}
ii greater than 2000000
at greater than 0.5
rr below 30
au below 5
mf below 30

It works pretty well but only in rising markets

EH Scott

General Discussion · Do YOU have what it takes?
msg #52782
7/3/2007 3:39:28 PM

In fairness to them, they don't require your usename & pw. But they suggest doing it that way because then they can retrieve a record of your trades which is the whole idea of the site. You can also type trades in manually but that is just too cumbersome for me.

General Discussion · Do YOU have what it takes?
msg #52773
7/3/2007 9:51:26 AM

This appears to be a terrific site. However I got to the point of providing my broker username and password and suddenly thought better of it. How can I be sure they are on the up and up? After all they could just clean out my account knowing UN and pwd.

General Discussion · filter based on results x days ago
msg #52537
6/26/2007 8:30:02 AM

Yes I saw that thread and realized the similiarity. I would like to use days or count but as far as I know there is no way to use anything about the results of a filter IN a filter. I hope I am wrong about this but I don't know how to do it.

General Discussion · filter based on results x days ago
msg #52518
6/25/2007 10:58:32 PM

OK "F" just stands for any filter you choose. I only want results from F1 if, as of today, the results from the stocks returned by F 5 days ago are positive. (Or x days ago or above 1% or...). In other word if the 5 day performance of F is negative, then F1 gives a null result.

Hope that makes it cleare - don't know how better to say it.

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