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General Discussion · chart peoples !
msg #37051
7/24/2005 11:35:56 PM

When I refer to studies I mean DAILY time frame. I get buy and sell signals very often but the stock keeps moving up. I built a library of 72 filters that I copied and adapted from fellow members and Google is laughing at most of them. I gave up and became very bias toward the up side. It is paying off very well. But like you said Google will implode and at that time will take some losses. In my case it will be double hit: I keep overnight 100 shares since the middle 170's. I keep 10 vertical credit put spreads (way out of the money)So on any severe drop it will take away a good chunk of realized and paper profits.
Additionally, I trade every day couple of times another 100 shares from the long side only, using the CCI(14). Flat overnigh on this 100. On the 100 long shares the brokerage house uses the FIFO rule (First In - First Out) so my cost is the next to the las buy.
Every body has divided opinions on any stock since for every buyer has to be a seller, but personally I will not be a seller or short on Google. Besides the funded rumor that Google will be included on the S&P has to be viewed as a powerful incentive on the long side. These to boy geniuses founders are hiring the most brilliant minds on earth. They are going places. I missed Dell, Starbucks, Microsoft, Ebay... etc. I will hold on to this one. I know I'm doing the wrong thing rationalizing in order to hold long positions. That's why I'm still trading instead of visiting the beaches of the world.
Again my apologies for taking so much time from this forum.
So long...cdruker

General Discussion · chart peoples !
msg #37037
7/24/2005 3:10:00 AM

You brought a good subject: Google. You will be right, one of these days it will "implode", whatever it means. But not too soon.
This is my subjective point of view and very bias on the long side. I own 100 shares and very seldom I hold stocks. On 30 years of trading most of my winnings came from the short side. With Google I started PUT CREDIT SPREADS every month since the middle of January when it was about 175. Puts spreads way out of the money generally give about $200 to $300 credit, ten of those is about two to three thousand dollars every month.
Here are some of the reasons, cdrudek:
-Google will not follow any study, be MACD, Bollinger, etc. the other way around: the studies will follow Google and one way to make money will be buying or selling when the stock hits those boundaries. I day trade another 100 shares on Google on the 5 minutes charts using CCI(14) only from the long side: buying when the CCI(14) go from -100 to above -100. Exit a) reversal to below -100 b) reversal to below 0 c) or reversal from over +100 to below +100 whichever happens first. Usually 2 to 4 trades per day. I get tired easily.
Why so stubornly bullish on Googgle:
-Bullish weekly charts, just keep going up
-the believe that the two genius founders will not split shares (they are trying to immitate Buffets's Berkshire) we may see $ 4000 and above share prices in our lifetime.
-now funded rumors that Google will be include on the S&P 500 and it could happen any time, that day and afterwards Google will leap.
-Experts are saying that Google will dominate the whole internet like Microsoft cornered the PC market. Growth earnings, higher stock prices.

P.S. I touched on the Credit Spreads not for arrogance but to give back something to all these members that keep posting wonderful filters, and to all those that hold a job for a living and are unable to sit at the computer during market hours and to those that daytrade like me but are getting tired of looking at the screen for so many hours. Put credit Spreads on stocks with solid up momentum bring steady flow of income. specially with Google where options premiums are very high. This is a position that you take once a month and watch once a day after market closes.
I use Trade Station that charges $2 per spread. So far all expired worthless and saved the closing commission.
My apologies for exceeding the time on this forum.

General Discussion · I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT...
msg #35956
5/10/2005 1:48:13 AM

You said "Wait for the green..." What do you mean. Thank You! HR

Filter Exchange · Stocks & Commodities Mag April 2005
msg #35764
4/26/2005 11:05:36 PM

Many thanks!!!

Filter Exchange · Can anyone improve this sweetie?
msg #35746
4/26/2005 12:08:10 AM

Marine2, wherever you are:
Thank you for sharing your filter.It is a good one and one more armor for the trading arena. I made some changes not to improve it but to adjust it to my criteria. It is shown below. Today 04/25/05 after the close gave 4 selections. I will be (stop) buying LVS tomorrow. If it moves up I will be in. Once again, THANK YOU!

linear regression(10) slope reached a new 3 month low
and slow stochastic %D is below 25
and day change % is below 2.0
and day change % is above 0
and macd(12,26) is below -1
and draw lower bollinger(14)
and Average Volume(90) is above 100000
and close is between 2 and 100
and chart-size is large
and chart-type is candlestick

General Discussion · How to make volume chart not display
msg #35736
4/25/2005 1:52:52 AM

Hi, Rick:
We know now volume has to be displayed. However, in order to avoid scrolling when analizing Watch Lists, I suggest what I do now:
1) Minimize the chart (Click the middle box on right top)
2) Position the chart where you want by lef click and holding the top heading and movig it. I position it in the middle, leaving the stocks list visible in the left side.
3) Thin the chart from the right border. (Put the mouse on the right border until you see the horizontal arrows and SQUEEZE TO THE LEFT). The chart becomes thinner but TALLER AND YOU WILL SEE ALL THE STUDIES APPEARING ON THE ENTIRE SCREEN. You do it once and that sets up the chart to scan dozens or hundreds without scrolling.
Sounds novice but it works. I hope it will help your scanning and some one else with the same issue.

General Discussion · How to make volume chart not display
msg #35545
4/7/2005 10:29:57 PM

Good question!
It will avoid scrolling when scanning dozens of charts.
Me too will looking forward from some one's help.

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