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General Discussion · the worlds best intraday setup is
msg #26996
6/22/2003 6:25:19 PM

1 minute intervals --using a 10 rsi linear regression-- volume- and a 150 (1 minute) ema-thats all you need to make killer moves- you can play the 10 rsi for incredible pos and neg diverges to pick off dead tops and bottom along with the linear regression the 150 ema is very powerful because every stock or index will will always come back to the 150 emna and every single explosion up or down off a consolidation comes right off the 150 ema line-lerogee777

General Discussion · the 2 day rsi the most powerful indicator in the world
msg #26995
6/22/2003 6:17:30 PM

and you actually read it intraday. when a stock either slams all the way to <10% on the 2 day rsi your buy is when it comes back up even with the 3 day rsi you win 98% of the time off this play its the best indicator in the world for picking off dead tops - when it gets to 99% to 99,9% this is dead top 99% of the time- you actually read it intraday. using it on the monthly and weekly it gave you 99.9% on the dead top of the gold market on 6-4-02 the dead top of the nasdaq in march 2000 the dead bottom at 0.7% on 10-10-02 last year at the nasdaq 100 at 800- i basically have the holy grail in technical analysis and my back testing is off the charts because i usually find stocks <1$ and preferably <0.10 that are the next microsofts for <1$ i win about 98% of the time . i will share this with you all but i need a favor- i want to know if there is away to say set up a screen where your 2 dsy rsi is < 5% at the open on a stock and then reverses up and the close the 2 rsi is >5%- with this one screen you would bascially never lose. i have all the technical analysis for explosion point and my daily and intraday are the best for trading in the world and i can play any stock intrady or index and capture >70% of all the moves-please lets get together and you help me and i will share with you my knowledge -im just not very good at programming- lerogee777- the following is off the fnsr message board on yahoo where i have given >900 recos in the last year winning 97% of them big-im also the worlds best option player too winning 88% of the time average gain 488% and on the qqq 98% of the time and the average gain is 588% in the last three years- me picking off the dead bottom of the bear market on 10-10-02 and my picks check message # 47822 picking of sons at 0.24 cnxt at 0.52

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