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Filter Exchange · What am I doing wrong?
msg #111447
2/17/2013 1:07:27 AM

Try" is greater than" instead of" is above". StockFetcher is very precise about its commands.

General Discussion · Question: Creating a index filter
msg #111062
2/5/2013 8:53:33 PM

spy is above ma(75) should do it.
Stock Fetcher assumes close if not otherwise specified

General Discussion · Sorting on %Change Column
msg #109286
12/11/2012 12:47:19 PM

Sorry.Getting too old for this crap.

General Discussion · Sorting on %Change Column
msg #109248
12/10/2012 12:27:49 PM

Just click on the chg(%) column

Filter Exchange · Please help me write a fileter for bearish pullback stocks
msg #107115
7/18/2012 1:38:34 PM

Good grief. Learn to code in stockfetcher it ain't that hard. Just write it and check each line as written. There isn't an easier way to code anywhere.

General Discussion · Here we go again... another "expert?" on retirement
msg #106529
6/5/2012 1:21:38 PM

Crock. Ignores inflation impact and uses averages also ignoring the reality of the business cycle and all that happens with it.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #105846
4/7/2012 12:20:52 AM

Pretty narrow view of the beltway games.

Backtesting Support · Backtesting results
msg #105666
3/26/2012 1:38:07 AM

You should say MA(6) 3 days ago crossed above MA(20) 3 days ago.
It is best to debug each line as you develop your scan.
Also run it.Try dropping the 3days ago from either MA and see what happens.
Specificity matters to the computer. It only follows and doesn't try to figure out what you ment to say.

General Discussion · Volume not working
msg #105500
3/18/2012 12:36:27 AM

Thanks Keven. Had a senior moment in reading comprehension.

General Discussion · Volume not working
msg #105496
3/17/2012 7:36:20 PM

Try is greater than or space>space as in > .

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