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General Discussion · printing carts
msg #117330
12/11/2013 1:48:47 PM

Question for SF
How do I print these charts? Anyone?

Filter Exchange · double stochastic (22,2)
msg #116863
11/19/2013 11:06:09 AM

Alf. A bit hard? I am a dinosaur since the world has passed me by at 87. I am not a whiner unless pointing out problems within a new change is whining. I don't think I have whined since childhood but I can't be sure with my failing memory.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116733
11/13/2013 12:51:51 PM

Appears to be working now. thanx. hope it stays.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116729
11/13/2013 12:21:06 PM

Just pulled up the NOK chart. Didn't see where it was identified but it is a semi log chart as was previously requested. If it doesn't have to be requested every time time thanx.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116727
11/13/2013 12:03:05 PM

here's another no picture required question.
Whenever I click on a chart and if it of interest to me 100% of the time I will draw trend ,support or resistance lines. Is it possible to make the trend line function the default action rather than the damn unknown arrow pointing upward to the left?

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116725
11/13/2013 11:54:08 AM

No picture required. When I move my mouse from right to left over the chart without clicking and holding the left or right button it causes the time period to follow the mouse arrow directional movement. That's damned aggravating.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116712
11/13/2013 1:51:42 AM

THIS IS NOT A TECHNOLOGY CHANGE. i STILL HAVE A 4 FUNCTION CALCULATOR i BOUGHT MY SON WHEN HE WENT TO THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY IN 1973 OR 74.COST ME $100. DAMN ALL CAPS,SORRY.i don't know the reason for this change but i doubt it was improved technology. Perhaps a cost containment action. I have many more problems than have been reported. Many of them intermittent .Many more than my old deficient brain can handle. Yes I can now see stock prices back two years, but I don't need them therefore they are interesting though not useful. Took me a while to figure out the double day line.The chart area is smaller. The trend line must be re-originated with each new stock selection. Every line I draw is drawn 8 to 30 % above where I want it,The price chart is the only area that can be size changed and when expanded is too large to be wholly seen. Very important to me are log charts(all I have used for many years). when I questioned years ago about prices all jammed up against the chart top I was told not to us log charts but to switch to html charts.
I like to chain trend lines to more clearly see price acceleration and deceleration. Good luck doing it on these charts.
I liken this unexpected charting change to the unaffordable care act. Not well thought out with too many problems. Who knows how long it will take to fix. For me I know only that it will not be fixed to my satisfaction. I use a very simple screen I can do on yahoo for free and I'm sure I can find a chart program without glitches for the same price. It will probably not be as good as our previously dropped charts,but I'll live with it.
I have no beef with the fine helpful folks on stock fetcher only with the management. Many of you are far more skilled than I and I have to do all my analysis visually which is why I'm so pissed about the charts.
Sorry for the two finger rant. Took a long time to type but I wanted you to know some of the reasons. I liked my little rut and I don't make changes easily, I recognize when change is necessary and I really think I have to now.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116674
11/11/2013 5:53:13 PM

Then I'm done.

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116668
11/11/2013 12:52:10 PM

New problem. When I try to expand the chart area and key the green button the chart disappears along with everything else except the background grids.
last question. I there any chance that you will ever reinstate the Java charts. A simple non qualified yes or no will suffice

General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116617
11/9/2013 12:56:25 PM

support. I use Mozilla Firefox with a Google home page on Windows 7.
My problems When I try to draw a trend line it appears above the desired position. My work around is to move the trend line and then move each end to position it where I want it, If I want to tie another line to it I have to repeat the above process to do so. awkward and time consuming to say the least.
When I key a horizontal line the value flag shows above the desired line the same way as the trend appears.It has a higher value than where the line is drawn.The flag value is the value of the horizontal line when drawn. The drawn line always appears above the desired position.
I'm sure I accidentally (in my frustration) punched an inappropriate combination of selections.
As an aside.For me price display is the most important part of any stock chart.Why is the price area the only one that allows vertical size control.Guess I'll have to turn my monitor on end to get the display wanted.
Also why use vertical space for the instructions instead of horizontal space when vertical space is more limited on most monitors?
I liked the old way of disappearing instructions called up as needed.
The basic question about any computer program after determining the program works is to recognize that all users are not computer geeks and the stupid American public might try to use it. The question is "Is it user friendly for people with limited computer skills.".

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