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Filter Exchange ·  Please help: opening within body of previous candle
msg #90815
4/5/2010 2:59:38 PM

I believe in simple
open yesterday > close yesterday
open today < open yesterday
open today > close yesterday
close today > open yesterday

General Discussion · "How to Arouse Your Profit-Making Senses" by Frank J. Sherosky
msg #48238
11/29/2006 7:40:51 PM

Jeez. Is this just another way of saying that the survival skills inherited by all of us from our sucessful ancestors (they survived and reproduced) get in the way of sucessful speculating? I think so ,but it took a lot of words to say it.Keep it simple unless asked to expound.

General Discussion · "Reference Only" lines in filter?
msg #65624
7/31/2008 1:17:17 AM

Just put /* before the comment and */ after.Piece of cake.

General Discussion · "Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it."
msg #46746
9/4/2006 9:05:44 PM

Wise men became wise because they were careful about what they let into their internal model of reality. We all have such an internal picture of the world we think exists around us.Try not to contaminate it with false facts.
live long and prosper heypa

Filter Exchange · (rsi)2...............
msg #52586
6/27/2007 11:32:27 AM

MIKETRANZ You really should put a ittle effort into learning how stockfetcher works.On the first level it is not so hard. Just write what you want. IE RSI(2) CROSSED ABOVE 25 TODAY. You try to make this scan work.

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #51899
5/31/2007 6:00:02 PM

It's gonna roll over. Too bad when is unpredictable. I too think it is basically world wide ,but this time we're not leading the way.I have no idea what the catalyst will be. I think they are identifiable via hindsight only.

Filter Exchange · 3 keys to a swing
msg #102297
8/16/2011 1:28:50 PM

Eman93. How does one buy the open of the signal day?

Filter Exchange · 4 MONTH CYCLE market bottom seems to happening
msg #82342
11/3/2009 3:02:32 PM

Never could understand M4M
Just another short term pull back?

Filter Exchange · 52 Week High Question
msg #96778
10/6/2010 1:24:11 AM

WHMC Just add the following line to your scan to eliminate all selections above the 52 week high

and close is below 52 week high

General Discussion · Intraday Trend Watch: S&P 500
msg #62285
5/7/2008 2:53:44 PM

Just like a horse with its bit in its teeth heading for the stables.Come to think of it like my first ride as a kid on a U.S.Army cavalry horse at Camp Dix N.J.back in the middle "30"s.Scary ride then too.

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