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Filter Exchange · Range contraction
msg #45779
7/13/2006 2:38:21 PM

Hi All,

Has anybody created a range contraction filter ? I'm looking for the one that will take into account volume.

Appreciate any input.

Filter Exchange · Help needed with a simple pattern filter
msg #38687
11/3/2005 3:20:26 PM

Hi Riggs,
You got to be rich man. This is a bestseller. I tested the filter and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanx a bunch.

1 question: I missed the point of the first phrase: "Open minus low is more than 100 above close", can you explain please ?

Filter Exchange · Help needed with a simple pattern filter
msg #38642
11/1/2005 4:04:43 PM

Hi All,
I'm trying to create a filter that will select the following:
1) If the stock is in downtrend and the day candle looks like a bulish reversal (small boddy, long tail down)
2) If the stock is in uptrend and the day candle looks like a bearish reversal (small body downstairs, long tail above)

Any ideas appreciated.

Filter Exchange · Basic, Simple and Solid filter
msg #36089
5/23/2005 12:51:19 PM

Short term (for 2-10days) it looks like a great short play.
At least now it showed 5 positions where the price touched the decreasing MA, my favourite short combination.

Filter Exchange · MACD divergence
msg #35157
2/18/2005 1:23:44 PM

Hi All,
Can we search for MACD divergence ?

Ideally I'd like to create 2 filters:
1) Bearish MACD divergence, Fast stoch. line crossed below slow stoch line and volume > 500k
2) Bullish MACD divergence, Fast stoch. line crossed above slow stoch line and volume > 500k

The problem is: I dont know how to program the divergence :(

General Discussion · Filter for the bears
msg #34869
1/13/2005 10:48:44 AM

Hi All,
Can anybody help me create a bearish filter with the following parameters:
1) The stock is in downtrend (2 weeks)
2) The price is just touched the EMA(20)
3) Volume is increasing

Any other bearish proposals are greatly appreciated.

Filter Exchange · Double bottoms/tops
msg #33476
10/2/2004 7:09:39 AM

Hi All,
Is there a way to use SF to locate double bottoms/tops patterns ?

Filter Exchange · Bearish tripple
msg #33422
9/28/2004 4:14:18 PM

Hi All,
I'd like to build a bearish filter based on MACD, RSI and SlowStoch.

As I'm an option trader I came up with the following:
Show stocks where MACD fast line crossed below the MACD slow line within last 3 days
and Slow Stochastic(14,3) Fast %K crossed below Slow Stochastic(14,3) Slow %D within the last 3 days
and RSI(2) is above 70
and Not OTCBB
and stocks are optionable

The trouble is: it doesn't look bearish. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

General Discussion · QQQ trend
msg #33327
9/20/2004 11:54:19 AM

Hi All,

According to my interpretation of the technicals QQQ is about to tumble.
What's your oppinion about the market trend (specifically QQQ) ?

I have another question regarding this site: Can I search a specific set of stocks (my portfolio for instance) for certain indicators ? If yes, can someone please explain how ?

General Discussion · any SF members trade covered calls?
msg #33240
9/14/2004 4:06:01 PM

InteractiveBrokers charges 2 per option contract and 10$/monthly for the market data.
If you dont do spreads their platform can be tolerated. Things like Iron Condors should be entered manually (leg by leg).
I did 3 covered calls which were all profitable.
QQQ spreads is a pain as you need many contracts, thus commission skyrockets.

Hope this helps,

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