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Filter Exchange · How to code this
msg #149077
9/9/2019 7:18:13 PM

General Discussion · Earnings Report
msg #149061
9/7/2019 10:43:45 AM

1/ The company website

2/ See which you prefer:

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #149050
9/6/2019 7:44:35 AM

4,553 posts
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- Ignore shillllihs 9/6/2019 3:17:48 AM

DOW 31,000

TQQQ peaked at about $71 - $72 in 2018. Currently at $65.
DOW currently at 26,728.

-- Brexit? Tariffs?

General Discussion · us-china-agree-to-renew-trade-talks
msg #149044
9/4/2019 10:31:05 PM

General Discussion · Thoughts: ALL
msg #149043
9/4/2019 9:13:04 PM

Filter Exchange · Filter for divergence
msg #149042
9/4/2019 8:30:20 PM

Which divergence are you looking for:
divergence between stock price and moving average
divergence between stock price and rsi --
divergence between stock price and macd --
divergence between stock price and stochastics --
divergence between two indicators (price not used)


Bullish or Bearish


Filter Exchange · Aggregate Risk
msg #149039
9/3/2019 8:13:30 PM

Thanks Cheese

Filter Exchange · Aggregate Risk
msg #149034
9/2/2019 4:40:59 PM

Start with...

Investigate life insurance or other "guarantees" to take care of those you leave behind. This will help you and the others to reduce anxiety. Will, trusts, power of attorney... the overall plan.

Create and understand your balance sheet and income statement.

Understand the percentage on the remaining amount after a loss must be a higher value than the loss that occurred.

Understand that what you want - day trade, may not be who you are - work 50 hours a week and have a family. Be realistic. Align who you are with the reality of your individual situation. Recognize when things change and the strategy may need to change.

Stay away from costs that are extra. Vanguard, as an example, offers the etfs and mutual funds with low fees/costs.

Do your homework (fundamentals and/or technicals) as Jim Cramer would say. Do your research.

Part of knowing who you are and researching is the first question.. Are you better off making money outside of the stock and/or bond market with a side hustle?

Owning 1000s of stocks is not being diversified. The last few months of 2018 saw a 15%+ drop in stocks. Of course, the depression also adds weight to this argument.

Ignore others willing to boast about unverified gains. All that matters is your "Excel sheet".

Most lose money in the market... What is your edge??

Be aware a $1 gain in the market is more than a $1 from a job---no Social Security tax on gains. Maybe take less risk that you thought you were going to anyways.

If your retirement account really does grow.. prepare for large RMDs that might put you in the next tax bracket. Remember Social Security can be taxed.

Paper trade first.

Don't live like a millionaire until you are a Multimillionaire.

Filter Exchange · Aggregate Risk
msg #149032
9/2/2019 1:44:56 PM

Guide is here

Filter Exchange · Aggregate Risk
msg #149031
9/2/2019 1:44:00 PM


How will your losses be considered?
1. Time exit
2. dollar exit
3. percent exit
4. ATR exit
5. Moving average exit

How will gains be considered?

What percent/dollar of portfolio is at risk?

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