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msg #91822
4/30/2010 9:09:58 AM

Re: 3X ETF Margin rules

I Think it means if want to buy $10k of a 3X on margin you need $7,500 cash in your account vs $2,500 for non-leveraged securities.

Someone please correct if this is incorrect

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #91476
4/21/2010 8:50:36 AM

re: Before the Bell

Does your broker have a "News" feature? I use Fidelity and their "News" tab includes Before the Bell as well as a number of others.

General Discussion · Real Time Technical Indicator Level Alarm
msg #90029
3/20/2010 11:02:34 PM

Wealth Lab offers audible alarms on a decent array of indicators. Does not scan market for you. You have to create a list of stocks (data sets) you want to follow.

I had use of it through Fidelity. Not sure how to get it otherwise.

Used it but didn't like it. Usually when one triggers, all trigger.

General Discussion · Holy Grail to daytrading here
msg #88289
2/15/2010 10:38:21 AM


Have you considered following up on gappers/ early runners to find candidates that meet your criteria. You could run a SF query at 10:30 such as

[set{var1, open - close one day ago}
set {var2, high-close one day ago}
close between 5 and 10
var1 > .10
average volume(30) > 500000
add column var1 {Gap}
add column var2 {High}]

I do this between 11:00 and 11:30 EST using 3 min charts and BB (40 , 2) and BB (40, 1). I've noticed that early runners that retrace to a swing low just as the BB's are constricting after expanding due to the early run up sometimes resume their move up at that point.

The scan I use turned up NTES and PRAA Friday. They resumed their move up at 11:30 after gapping up at the open. Stoch 28,1 crossed 50 at 12:00 or so.

The filter above (looks for one digit stocks) turned up MOT which went up later in the day. I feel the candidates need to be moving on news related (earnings etc) reasons and not just moving with the market.

No holy grail but this set up provides a good visual key to look for as I'm scanning charts


Filter Exchange · Filter help needed
msg #81658
10/23/2009 5:56:13 PM

Thanks Trendscanner.

I see now how to do the count function syntax for both variables, but you're right, the occurences may be too infrequent to be of any use.

Thanks again for responding


Filter Exchange · Filter help needed
msg #81517
10/21/2009 6:41:33 PM

I would like to determine how often a particular stock rebounds after gapping down at open below the LBB(40,2) something like

Open below lower bollinger band(40,2)
Count(high above upper bollinger band(40,2),100) only when the condition in the first line has occured
apply to symlist(xxx)

I suspect I am asking SF to do two things at once.

Any help appreciated


Filter Exchange · We need Real Time Filtering and Charting Capabilities NOW!
msg #71105
1/31/2009 11:15:23 AM

I saw an add for a service from Worden, StockFinder, that, I believe, allows intra-day real time filters and scans for $89.99.
A one month free trial is offered.

Miketranz.... is Fidelity's Powerstreet still offered? I couldn't find mention of it on their website. I use ATP but I don't think it can do realtime scans. Maybe I've missed something.



General Discussion · Roller Coaster filter
msg #70680
1/14/2009 9:13:53 AM


I agree with miketranz, higher priced stocks can have multiple large intra day swings....MA, FSLR, SKF, BLK,BIDU are some I trade intra day to catch these swings. I try to catch them as they come out of oversold territory.

General Discussion · ETF Questions
msg #69322
11/22/2008 7:54:47 AM

ETF spreads can be high but look at the day point ranges on some.... SRS was up 50 at one point yesterday and then went down 80.

If you can just catch piece of those moves it's a nice payday.


General Discussion · New format
msg #62085
5/2/2008 4:26:18 PM

Most often mine do as well. Never had them hang up, though, until recently.

It is sporadic and not limited to one filter either

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