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General Discussion · General Performance
msg #110
11/10/2002 12:19:50 AM

Just finished Martin Pring's book "Technical Analysis Explained" (great book). He says it is good to try and identify industries that are having a about to, or are in a bull market. So my questions are:

- is it possible to plot the industry averages against each other of a set time frame (including other market averages like S&P 500)?
- can we add industry criteria to our filters?

I realize that we are only able to do industry 'things' with US securities. Would it be possible to have it apply to Australian market?

Looking forward to your reply.

General Discussion · StockFetcher PRO
msg #106
11/8/2002 5:34:58 PM

One more feature I just thought of while walking the dog. It would be nice to be able to save indicators/oscillators on a per security basis. I find myself often adjusting things like SMA's and RSI's to accurately reflect a securities cycle, problem is I have to either jot down what the indicator/oscillator parameters where I have to analyze it again. This would be a huge time saver for securities that people watched often.

General Discussion · StockFetcher PRO
msg #105
11/7/2002 1:45:18 AM

I currently use Gentoo at home and sometimes I use Debian (at work mostly). These are my two favourite versions of Linux so far (after 4 years of Linux usage). I use KDE for my windowing environment/management.

As for features I would at least like the following:
- Scripting langauge to write filters
- Scripting langauge to create views/charts (pre-defined ones as well like you have already done with stockfetcher)
- Drawing and labeling (trendlines)
- zoom in, zoom out of the views.
- different intervals (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, and intraday possibly).
- portfolio management

I think stockfetcher is a great service and enjoy using it. But there are some things I wish I could do that are simply not possible, or will work poorly when writing for the lowest common denominator. The drawing of trendlines comes to mind in this area. Sure it could be written in an applet which works properly some of the time (bigcharts doesn't always work for me and requires a reload). Or it could be written with SVG but then the audience would be narrowed and require adobe SVG plugin, or possibley Mozilla compiled with SVG support (don't know how supportive this really is).

I think it is great that you are even asking this question - kudos to the stockfetcher team.

General Discussion · StockFetcher PRO
msg #100
11/3/2002 4:55:26 AM

Hello stockfetcher,

Any chances of making a Linux port for StockFetcher PRO? Seems like an untapped market as I'm not having much luck find any current project that does this in Linux.

General Discussion · Weekly charts
msg #82
10/27/2002 6:21:30 AM

I would most definately make use of applying these filters on weekly data. It would perhaps be useful to chain more specific daily filters to the weekly filter? I look forward to using the weekly functionality when it is available.

Thanks for the work stockfetcher team -- a quality service.

General Discussion · Filtering on Candles
msg #80
10/25/2002 5:31:03 AM


Do the candle filters only retrieve stocks above some sort of hidden, preset minimum price? I am sure the patterns should match some stocks that are under $1 yet they don't show up when I apply the specific candle filter.

I would like to be able to use candle searches to find stocks that are under $1

Thanks in advance for any information you provide.

General Discussion · Chart settings
msg #68
10/20/2002 4:32:05 AM

Nice work stockfetcher team! This is fantastic! I appreciate your work on improving what is already a fantastic service.

Thank you.

General Discussion · Changing the RSI
msg #66
10/17/2002 5:27:03 AM

To follow up my own question, which will lead me to another question...

The RSI(14) and RSI(260) queries give the exact same results, so I assume it is ignoring my request of a RSI(260). What is the limit for an RSI query then? A book I am reading "Technical Analysis Explained" by Martin Pring claims that a 12 month RSI helps isolate major buy candidates.

I look forward to hearing your response.

General Discussion · Changing the RSI
msg #65
10/17/2002 5:23:37 AM

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get a 1 year RSI. So modify your own provided RSI filter to be calculated over 260 days like below:

'Show stocks where RSI(260) crossed above 30.00 within the last 1 day and Average Volume(90) is above 50000 and close is between 0 and 250 and scale is log and chart-size giant'

When I view the charts it still says it is using an RSI(14). Is it really using an RSI 14 or is it using a RSI 260?

Any advice/pointers are appreciated.

General Discussion · logarithmic/ratio scale
msg #64
10/11/2002 6:51:20 AM

Minor defects seem to show up in the way the candle are drawn on pretty much all of the stocks returned from this filter.

Day Change is above 10 percent
and average volume more than 400000
and scale is log

The candles seem to be drawn down into the volume charting. I'm using Mozilla 1.0. LOK.AX gives a pretty clear example.

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