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General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #69100
11/7/2008 6:49:10 PM

- Ignore TheRumpledOne 11/7/2008 3:24:02 PM

USE LIMIT ORDERS. Market orders will create losses. *

I use market orders for selling. Fairly satisfied but don't know the difference. Don't you get stuck with shares if the limit is passed quickly and all can't get filled?

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #69070
11/6/2008 7:39:10 PM

- Ignore chetron 11/6/2008 10:40:41 AM

???????? **

Wow hard to make those question marks caps huh?

General Discussion · Nightmare on Main Street...
msg #69069
11/6/2008 7:33:47 PM

astroanalyst 11/6/2008 3:22:32 AM

This just in...

Boiled Down: Credit Bubble

Citizen Journalist a/k/a Blogger Karl Denninger has put together the best perspective on the credit debacle I've found so far. Worth reading when time permits...

**After reading Denninger's piece, I must admit I was startled when I saw the following by-line:

For banks, what credit crunch?

It would seem this global situation is apparently not all-encompassing, but regionally selective, given the previous observations by fellow SF'ers above and the reportage from the Star Tribune in Minnesota. Hmmm...

The Bailout: Bush's Final Pillage

This commentary provides what would seem a partisan perspective of the whole mess. With that said, given the growing amount of conflicting information surfacing and mainstream media's potential for propaganda, I find some of the points made plausible...


(I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!!!) **

No need to look toward the Democrat led House and Senate that Pushed Fannie and Freddie to do business with the so called poor huh?? So the poor things could own their dream.

General Discussion · Nightmare on Main Street...
msg #69021
11/5/2008 5:25:25 PM

That's Comrade Mamma Mia...

General Discussion · Formula
msg #68728
10/23/2008 8:41:59 PM

I consulted them. Will respond when I get an answer.

General Discussion · Formula
msg #68721
10/23/2008 7:22:15 PM

Does the formula below read to buy a stock at the open + .10

I use Strategy Desk, the formula validates. I want to try some automatic entries.

Bar[Open,D] + Bar[Open,D] >= .10

Filter Exchange · We need Real Time Filtering and Charting Capabilities NOW!
msg #68509
10/16/2008 8:10:14 PM

Put me in with the crowd that doesn't need Real Time stuff. I'm with the Plumber. Won't share my profits with anyone :-) Although I gladly pay SF monthly.

Then again if folks needs special needs, so be it, let em pay for it.

General Discussion · RDN
msg #68093
10/6/2008 10:53:06 AM

good enough pop for me 0.30 early. Been milkin that cow. So it's not a MTC stock, but the miik is just as sweet. Simple trading. And the market was down 550.04 at my sell point.

General Discussion · Why the big drop rdn, fre, tma, abk,
msg #68032
10/3/2008 1:40:16 PM

Evidently they didn't like the 700+B House rescue bill.

General Discussion · A market that makes no sense
msg #68007
10/2/2008 7:14:42 PM

*heypa 10/2/2008 1:03:32 AM

It still has to pass the House.
I don't think it will work.
They want 90 days to study Mark to market effects. Good grief!
They really want time to figure out how to cover their ass for what they have done in the last few weeks. *

Wait till they put the Fox in charge of the hen house.

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