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General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #67651
9/23/2008 12:35:38 PM

- Ignore nikoschopen 12/12/2007 9:02:12 AM

Solely from the charts, this market looks almost too riped to fall. But I'd be cautious for the next few days. By this morning, these same idiotic bulls are prolly pricing in a 50 point rate cut for the next Fed meeting (as if anything is automatically given for the asking) and you never know where the market will tip.*

Thanks to MTC I don't have to worry about the Market. In fact I leave the TV off till I'm done trading MTC style. If a long presents itself I'm in. If a short presents itself I'm in. All these anal-ysts drive me nuts with useless and generally backward looking info. Price action alone does speak volumes. Unless one is good at juggling, daytrades are the way to go.

General Discussion · 7 reasons for market rally...
msg #72751
3/15/2009 7:26:58 PM

The Auto Industry, the railroad and the airline industry has been on life support systems for years now. Actually the Auto Industry wasn't doing so bad till Washington and certain State Houses started telling them what type of gas they had to use. Regulation, not deregulation has screwed things up to a point where certain businesses must fail completely and new ones will rise and take their place. And please get over US domination. It is now a New World Order. We must compete. What parent in their right mind wants their kid to make shoes in a factory. Unions are nothing but pacifiers when what is really needed is the milk.

General Discussion · 7 reasons for market rally...
msg #72827
3/16/2009 7:11:46 PM

I was never a Union person. Always self employed. My Mom and Dad were and I saw the way Unions depressed wages through the years of watching them. Not to mention the outright graft part. Maybe Unions were necessary when the barges brought over the Europeans for Labor but certainly not now. If they only set aside that Union Dues for 50 years they would have had a nice retirement. Side Note: there are now more Government employed than in the Private Sector. Socialism is here. the USA isn't the only Big Dog in the yard now. Europe and Asia are making noise and we're making it possible for them.

General Discussion · 7 reasons for market rally...
msg #72867
3/17/2009 6:42:58 PM

Union's worked to DEPRESSED WAGES ????? What planet did you and your folks live on? Unions have upgraded
the wages of workers, and set rules that huge corporations had to follow if they wanted to work other human beings !
Management at the very top level don't mind a union in their plant. Unions guarantee wage rates for the next few years
Yep, back in the Flintstone Era they performed admirably.

General Discussion · A database of historical prices?
msg #67530
9/19/2008 5:24:03 PM

- Ignore Walid 9/18/2008 8:44:17 PM

Does anyone know where I can find this database or a way to build it (i.e. csv files or similar). Open, close, high and low per day would do.

Thanks in advance. *

Ameritrade's Strategy Desk allows me to do this.

General Discussion · A market that makes no sense
msg #68007
10/2/2008 7:14:42 PM

*heypa 10/2/2008 1:03:32 AM

It still has to pass the House.
I don't think it will work.
They want 90 days to study Mark to market effects. Good grief!
They really want time to figure out how to cover their ass for what they have done in the last few weeks. *

Wait till they put the Fox in charge of the hen house.

General Discussion · ABK
msg #67731
9/25/2008 11:09:27 AM

ABK .30 pop 10:51, sweet.

General Discussion · Ameritrade crash?
msg #71056
1/29/2009 4:41:29 PM

Ameritrade's accounting figures have been way off. Any one hear of a crash? Trading was ok just the account figures were nuts.

General Discussion · Any recommendations for "Trading Computers"
msg #66199
8/14/2008 7:11:32 PM

I have an AMD processor 64 Athlon 2.20ghz, 512 MB DDR SDRAM and it has run very well with XP for 4 years. . $400 including printer and would buy another in a heartbeat. It runs every day 6am til 11pm. Then again not doing any photo stuff or the like. Just surfin and trading.

General Discussion · Bid Ask spread
msg #66377
8/18/2008 6:55:08 PM

For my type of trading, in my scans I would like to ad a way to filter those stocks with tight bid ask spreads. I know high volume stocks will help produce some with the liquidity.

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