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General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #28158
8/29/2003 11:00:29 PM

Picked these nice ones today.
IMAX $7.67
LVLT $4.66

EPRE $4.99 on 8/27 ;
Unfortunately,I sold at 5.63 and missed the 6 dollar top.
It still has some running room, but a little risky slope.

Filter Exchange · GT18 :: GOGO Filter
msg #28147
8/29/2003 12:15:52 AM


Me thinks % returns are higher in lower priced stocks.
A $1 move has more affect on a smaller stock price.
1+1=2=1*1+1=100% gain,
10+1=11=10+10*0.1=10% gain,
100+1=101=100+100*0.01=1% gain.
Less capital is needed to make same amount in lower priced stocks.
I will sometimes raise that bar to around $12, if not enough choices.
And I will hold stocks into the higher prices if the trend continues.
I use many filters.I will post them eventually.

In the meantime,
I suggest looking for stocks that hug an upper pair of bollinger bands.
I use three bollinger bands at 0.85,1,1.85 standard deviations.
I also like to have a set of three moving averages all in synchronized order of 4/8/14 where ma(4)>ma(8)>ma(14).

Filter Exchange · GT18 :: GOGO Filter
msg #28135
8/28/2003 1:57:32 PM

Also,the previous peak is a resistance line now.
We should have a primary trend line supporting our price as well.
A break out of the primary trend could spell disaster well before your stop.

Filter Exchange · GT18 :: GOGO Filter
msg #28133
8/28/2003 1:42:27 PM

I may be a little crazy but I set my trailing stop at 10%.
This is more as a security blanket and
I don't like getting stopped because of small %.
The stock needs some "breathing room".
I would take a sharp look at the preceding trough and
consider that as the Primary Resistence.
Ideally, we want to have good peak/trough progression and
a lower trough in the trading time frame would spell trouble.
If the 10% stop price is below the trough price,
then I think the trough price should be your stop +/- breathing room.

Filter Exchange · GT18 :: GOGO Filter
msg #28119
8/28/2003 2:07:12 AM

I had some good success with this filter,
so I thought I would share it.

Here is my GOGO Filter:

high is above 14 day high 1 day ago and lrs(45) is above 0 and ma(4) crossed above upper keltner band(14) and 14 day slope of rsi(14) is above 0 and close is between 1 and 7 and date offset is 0


This filter is ;)copyleft

General Discussion · Help high lag
msg #28026
8/24/2003 10:47:15 PM

My real question to Stock Fetcher is
why doesn't the LAG FUNCTION work in my example.

General Discussion · Help high lag
msg #28025
8/24/2003 10:43:33 PM

I realize that a 26 day high does not necessarily give a PEAK either.
It is very possible that the peak was 35 days ago and myhigh is on the slippery slope. In these cases, I aver that further analysis may be necessary.

General Discussion · Help high lag
msg #28024
8/24/2003 10:38:48 PM

Thanks for your help. I read the box theory posts.
Its seems that box theory is but a glorified view of a new peak.
I thought with a simple lag on the high we would have the same
results that Darvas showed.

You seem to be searching for something similar in your filter.
Unfortunately, I think your filter starts at a fixed time period in the past and may not achieve/assign BoxHigh as a true PEAK. I think it is important to get that peak so that our breakout is significant i.e. continues a trending peak-trough progression.

I have not yet read Darvas' book, but have read numerous postings and web sites illustrating the idea. I think it is just common sense to buy a stock on break-out which continues upward peak-trough progrssion.

General Discussion · Help high lag
msg #28022
8/24/2003 9:06:00 PM

I want to get a 26 day high not including today.
I want today to be greater than 26 day high.
I tried
set{ myhi , 26 day high lag 1 day }
price is above myhi

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #27980
8/23/2003 4:29:47 PM

Missed China pop to 10.45, down now to 9.52
Is this a Dead Cat Bounce?
Will it go back up? Stay tuned!!!

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