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Filter Exchange · Zig-Zag Rules
msg #29331
10/15/2003 4:05:01 PM

Also, what is "zig-zack"? Is that from Zacks?

Filter Exchange · Zig-Zag Rules
msg #29330
10/15/2003 4:03:12 PM

You include 0.50 to 0.999.
What do you consider as penny stocks? 0-0.499? Why not 0.5-0.999?
Just curious.

General Discussion · X month/week/day Average of INDICATOR
msg #29329
10/15/2003 1:06:24 PM

How can I plot/filter the average open/close?

General Discussion · Rank Your Filters - G5-SCORE
msg #29327
10/15/2003 11:19:00 AM

Thanks SF


All systems go.


General Discussion · Rank Your Filters - G5-SCORE
msg #29312
10/13/2003 9:44:23 PM

TheRumpledOne ,Koronbock et al.,

I have contacted SF. They are looking into it.

Thanks for your patience,


Filter Exchange · G5 HALL OF FAME
msg #28950
9/29/2003 5:43:58 PM

Koronbock et al.,

The site is now more efficient and runs requests asynchronously. Thanks SF.
That means you don't have to wait with your hanging browser.
Also, I have moved all previous filters to an "old list".
New filters will be categorized according the price
information included in the filter.
Currently, only the keyword PRICE is checked and filters are
categorized as pennies(price<1) or not.
So, some new filters might squeeze by using CLOSE or LOW etc.
Volume information WILL soon be categorized as well.


General Discussion · Filter testing
msg #28942
9/29/2003 12:42:31 PM

Where is RB TECHA ?


General Discussion · Forum Observation and Comment
msg #28926
9/28/2003 12:17:53 PM

Excellent. Well thought out.

One observation:
[line 08] and Average Volume(10) is above 200,000
[line 09] and Volume is above 250,000
LINE 09 : To identify the existence of some above average interest in the equity.

I think line 9 should be
[line 09] and Volume is above Average Volume(10)
[line 09] and Volume is XX percent above Average Volume(10)


General Discussion · G5 is Bogus
msg #28814
9/22/2003 2:25:47 PM


"We need a kind of volume price limit.
We do need a (Volume*Price)criterion to make it meaningful.
ridiculous untradeable filters.
My suggestion is to set a minimum limit price of 1.00 and 100000 volume.
This way, we are all on the same footing and can really compare each others' filters."

I hear you loud and clear.

I will make it happen!!!

But as technical analysts, we must learn from this:

- The gains are greater with lower priced stocks.
- The gains are not the same for different price stocks.
- Wherever we put the limit, say $1,$5 or $10 some group of traders will be left out and may have the same arguments we are seeing now i.e. the lower ones are beating the higher ones.
- Perhaps we should have different lists that appease different groups just as in the music industry. Jimi Hendrix would never be the top of the Classic List.
- We want a balance of high gains with less risk.

Koronbock: "I personally would not mind waiting for a filter a little longer to be tested (server capacity) if this is necessary."

Currently, the system does 120 round trips to StockFetcher for every request.
If we change the range from 120 to something else, say 240, it will take twice as long and previous filter tests will have to be re-done so that comparisons are correct.

"It's not about being number 1 on the list, but coming up with profitable filters that will help each other make money."

I agree 100%. Maybe I should not have made the HALL OF FAME TOP 25.
I would be happy if I could "guarantee" 10%-25% within the average 3-day trade.
I think most of us would be happy as well.
Sure, it is nice to see an occasional 50%-100% increase and more power to those who make them. Please show us how we can make them consistently.
I know that trading is more important than filtering, but I want to make a SUPER FILTER that gives us very high probability of consistent success even if it is only 10% per 3-day trading window.

Think about it.


General Discussion · Rank Your Filters - G5-SCORE
msg #28766
9/21/2003 2:11:12 PM


You can now delete all filters
in which your IP address matches
the IP address you had when you created it.

This only works for new filters.
I will have delete old filters manually upon request.



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