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Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #61209
4/7/2008 10:53:23 PM

what is the most current original filter for this thread?

General Discussion · what indicators do you find the most powerfull?
msg #60687
3/20/2008 12:10:58 AM

I use WM%R the most and Full Stochs and EMA8 (weekly)

Filter Exchange · MA (8) short filter revision
msg #60591
3/18/2008 1:34:46 AM

I went back and made it clickable.

Filter Exchange · MA (8) short filter revision
msg #60590
3/18/2008 1:34:17 AM

Ok, 5 years, $30,000 in the hole, nothing has "gone my way" ever.
So, after a few paid websites, one uses the MA(8) as an indicator for long and shorts. I have come up with this for shorts.

show stocks where close crossed below EMA (8) one day ago and
full stochastics %K(14,3) cross below %D (3) one day ago and
close is between 10 and 60 dollars and
volume is greater than 50000

I am looking for something *simple* and not elaborate and it's based on a weekly chart, not daily.
so far, what I have come up with has worked well, but the market, as we all know, is a mess.


Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #59406
1/31/2008 12:16:10 AM

there are several filters listed... I quit visiting the forums because I never know which filter is the most recent

msg #56123
10/28/2007 9:14:30 PM

i have used this for longs too.

Filter Exchange · i told you i had the holy grail to the stocks last week
msg #52809
7/5/2007 2:46:39 PM


Trust me, I thoroughly understand your viewpoint as well. I don't have an answer for your questions and thoughts, I wish I did... it would have saved me some drastic losses as well.

Filter Exchange · i told you i had the holy grail to the stocks last week
msg #52774
7/3/2007 10:44:52 AM

Point being is....

Set your own exit strategy. If you are happy with a 3% gain, then exit. If you are happy with a 10% gain, then exit. I have piled on losses over the year myself so I understand from where you are coming. But I do believe that an exit strategy is as unique as one's individual trading style. Once I get a certain percentage, whether it's within two days, like LOCM did this week, or whether it's within a few minutes, like also LOCM did at yesterday's close, once it hit a 20% gain, I just said, "ok, that's enough, time to cook dinner" and exited. Normally, I stick to an 8% rule. But, I only hold between 1 minute and 10 days. Profit is profit... no matter how you look at it. Don't get greedy.

Filter Exchange · Short filter gone bad?
msg #52769
7/3/2007 2:44:07 AM

I apologize, I don't know how to make them clickable.

Filter Exchange · Short filter gone bad?
msg #52768
7/3/2007 2:43:24 AM

This filter was posted (I forget by whom) and it was indicated that it was a good short filter. Every time I take a look at would produce excellent results for an actual long filter. Is there something wrong with this filter for a short?

Close is near upper Bollinger Bands(20,2)
close is below open
and price is above 5
MACD Histogram(4,8)has been decreasing 1-day
MACD Histogram(4,8)1-day ago had been increasing
2-day slope of MA(20)is above 0
MA(20)is more than 2% below close
average volume(90)is above 100000

Having used this filter for longs for the past five days (6/25/07) would have been great... for longs. The results are very good. But, i want it short.

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