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General Discussion · Draw VHF(100)
msg #118134
2/8/2014 11:50:02 PM

Borrowed from

Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF) was created by Adam White to identify trending and ranging markets. VHF measures the level of trend activity, similar to ADX in the Directional Movement System . Trend indicators can then be employed in trending markets and momentum indicators in ranging markets.

General Discussion · Draw VHF(100)
msg #117942
1/29/2014 12:05:23 PM

Is there any way to have the vertical horizontal filter on a chart?


General Discussion · Getting .csv export of more than 200 results
msg #116775
11/14/2013 9:34:12 PM

Hi Kevin,

I just ran a filter and got 1060 results.

Maybe this clue will help?

General Discussion · How to Edit Existing Filter?
msg #116774
11/14/2013 9:31:17 PM

Hi Duke,

Thanks for your reply!

On my account, the closest thing I could find was the following:

On dropdown menu, click on edit/run then, after it runs, click on customize and then save it after changes.

Seems like a lot of work compared to the way it used to be!

General Discussion · How to Edit Existing Filter?
msg #116761
11/14/2013 2:53:36 PM

I have been a member for years but with the new changes, I can't figure out how to edit my filters.

General Discussion · A Way to Buy Low, Sell High
msg #114395
7/10/2013 7:50:59 AM

By using a Fast Stochastic, there's a way to buy low at the exact moment stocks are starting a move up. It finds stocks at lows whether it's a long-term low or a short-term pullback (bull flag) with the one main filter below.

I ran it this morning on yesterday's data (a strong up day - with some pullback at the end) and found:

(1) A group of 10 Residential Construction stocks all up 6.39% to 7.55%

(1) Of the 177 stock results:

5 were = or > 6% with the high at 12.21%
6 were 6 to 6.99%
9 were 5 to 5.99%
13 were up 4 to 4.99% or more
9 were up 3 to 3.99%
27 were up 2 to 2.99%
58 were up 1 to 1.99%
40 wee up >0 to.99%
4 were zero or below (failed the move up)

Here's how it worked:

close > 2.99
average volume(20) > 20,000

Fast Stochastic(10) Fast %K crossed above 20

If you're looking for stocks in a sounder state, just change the "20" to "25", "30" or whatever you want

For a list of stocks that will be crossing above %K 20 at some time, change to:

Fast Stochastic(10) Fast %K < 20

General Discussion · Need some input from the forum
msg #112826
4/17/2013 7:34:45 PM

Hi Kevin,

I don't have time to read thru all the responses to your question, so I may be duplicating information, but I started using Morningstar recently that seems great. They produce a report once a month called StockInvestor. It provides names of stocks chosen on fundamentals and, of those, selects stocks from those with economic moats. They provide a good deal of information about each stock as well as the price to buy each one at and the price to sell it at. The price for a subscription to StockInvestor is $115 per year. I don't believe you have to have a separate subscription to

I've found that the monthly newsletter has stocks that are moving or start moving soon. I've bought 4 to 5 stocks from their list that were making me money, although I didn't keep them long due to the potential for a market breakdown which appears to be starting right now.

Good luck!

General Discussion · Resource suggestions?
msg #112825
4/17/2013 7:21:53 PM

Looking for websites that are centers for information about the main stocks in various SPDR's, ETF's, etc. Any suggestions?


General Discussion · this filter has bugs
msg #111817
2/27/2013 8:45:07 AM

Maybe this is why: (from SF Forum of Indicators)

"The DMI suite are cumulative indicators, so exact filters such as crossovers may produce results which may not match their charts. This is due to potential differences in the starting point of the calcuation."

When I add columns for the +DI(14), the -(DI(14) and the DI difference in my filter, I can see the data matches the filter but, on the chart, it looks like the lines aren't crossing over. Since the data looks good, maybe this is the result of the below-the-chart data being compacted into too small an area.

In a small, limited testing of technicals (MACD, Parabolic SAR, DMI, etc.), I found that the +DI(14) crossed above -DI(14) indicator produced much better results than any other of the other technicals tested in producing stocks that took off to the upside. Of course, this is like trying to prove a major theory with a one-off experience!

General Discussion · Volume is two times greater than average volume
msg #111738
2/25/2013 2:13:18 PM

I often add Relative Volume code to filters. Results tell you the % today's volume is of the 50-day volume for each stock.

RV > 2

set{RV, volume / average volume(50)}

Add column RV

This lets you see the actual Relative Volume for each stock rather than lumping them all into a filter result of stocks > than 2X 50 day volume, if that's of interest to you.

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