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Stock Picks and Trading · Corrected For Cheese
msg #147553
4/25/2019 9:15:35 PM

Fetcher[apply to symlist(spy,qqq,gld,tlt)

draw ema(8)
draw ema(21)

set{RSI30, RSI(30) - 50}
set{CRSI_Bar, RSI30}
draw CRSI_Bar
set{RSI9, RSI(9) - 50}
set{RSI9_line, RSI9}
draw RSI9 on plot CRSI_Bar
set{RSI4, RSI(4) - 50}
set{RSI4_line, RSI4}
draw RSI4 on plot CRSI_Bar

add column rsi(4){drsi4}
add column separator
add column rsi(9){drsi9}
add column separator
add column rsi(30){drsi30}
add column separator
add column RSI(2)
add column separator

add column atr(21) {Atr}
add column separator
add column average day range (21){ADR%}

do not draw MACD(12,26)
do not drawn line 0
do not draw MA(250)
do not draw MA(50)
do not draw EMA(250)

chart-time is 75 days

Filter Exchange · A simple EMA cross.
msg #147508
4/24/2019 12:47:20 PM

Stock Picks and Trading · Would you buy this ? Guidance pls
msg #147338
4/12/2019 3:38:55 PM

Filter Exchange · I'm tired of losing money - can someone give me something that works?
msg #147315
4/11/2019 11:24:06 AM

Do you want something easy and steadfast that makes steady money? A buy and hold portfolio of USMV @ 60% BND @ 20% and TIP@20. Try something steadfast first and then work on building/testing strategies on the side. Using this approach, you can at least make some money until you perfect something better.

Filter Exchange · Alpha Filter based on Ron Groenke Visions V
msg #146466
2/7/2019 12:57:00 PM

If there is a 1 in Bad Idea and a 1 in Alpha Start I assume you do not buy still until the Bad Idea turns to 0.

General Discussion · Is this a crash or a correction?
msg #146313
1/29/2019 3:13:27 PM

1. Create watchlist - add symbols.
2. Add watchlist name to filter

apply to watchlist(Name of Watchlist)

General Discussion · CCM Captial
msg #146290
1/27/2019 5:13:42 PM

General Discussion · Fibonacci RSI Short Swing Trading Strategy
msg #146288
1/27/2019 4:00:17 PM

Thanks guys!

General Discussion · Fibonacci RSI Short Swing Trading Strategy
msg #146254
1/25/2019 3:32:40 PM

As long as it stays above $13.13.

General Discussion ·
msg #146252
1/25/2019 2:13:57 PM

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