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General Discussion · Blue
msg #52361
6/20/2007 6:39:18 PM

This is really getting C - R - A - Z - Y !

When I cut and paste the URL posted by traderpro I get one of karenma's filters.

I have run that filter using "date offset" going back 30 days. I sort the results by the BLUE lines so that all the blue lines appear at the top of the results list. I then eyeball the charts and select the BLUE line stocks where RSI(2) is below 1 and DMA(28,14) is starting to turn up. So far the % of winners is 99.9%.

I'd post the filter but am unable to do so because it belongs to karenma.

I'm not familiar with the "backtest" feature so maybe if someone else could get the filter from karenma and backtest it ....... then, report back to us with the results so that we may all benefit.

This could be the HOLY GRAIL (or mary4money).

If you have any questions you may email me at ohno@spurious.duh and identify yourself as credulous and I'll get back to you in my own good time.

Remember, it's not what you trade but how you INVEST !

General Discussion · E-Book...The Intelligent Investor
msg #52274
6/18/2007 9:45:08 AM


This should do it.

General Discussion · TradeStation Witch Hunt
msg #51778
5/24/2007 2:58:35 PM

After logging into, the picture becomes much clearer.

If TRO was pumping as hard on tradestation as he is on ..... no wonder they got tired of it. acknowledges their leading posters. TRO leads the way with 1,343.

The funny thing is that Michal Kreslik himself is a DISTANT second with 701 posts.

General Discussion · TradeStation Witch Hunt
msg #51773
5/24/2007 12:27:42 PM

When alf44 and RIGGS come down on the same side of an issue ....... I thinks it's time someone listened.

General Discussion · Mad Dash for Cash
msg #51377
4/30/2007 11:08:16 AM

Why wasn't this promoted here ?

msg #51214
4/19/2007 8:45:23 AM


Thanks for sharing your filter. Nice work.


"what this can do, is that it can show you above average volume just before the monster volume day, instead of waiting to get in after the monster volume day. "

I was hoping someone would come up with a way to anticipate and identify POTENTIAL plays BEFORE "the monster volume day".

Appreciate your efforts.

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Bands and RSI
msg #50713
3/28/2007 4:35:03 PM


You WIN !

General Discussion · Detective Work - What stock is this?
msg #50659
3/23/2007 8:12:09 PM

Looks like ZROS

General Discussion · Detective Work: armored vehicle
msg #47907
11/10/2006 6:13:59 PM

Looks like - - - FRPT

ALSO looks like we're a couple of days late. But one to watch.

General Discussion · how to catch a falling knife
msg #47365
10/7/2006 1:38:24 PM


Thanks for posting your observation concerning EMA(50).

I think it makes a nice addition to any chart as an added visual tool, not just to catch a falling knife.

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